365 Brilliance Nuggets - A Year-Long Journey

365 Brilliance Nuggets – A Year-Long Journey

As most of you know already, my friend Robert “made” me do it. He challenged me to write one short Brilliance Nugget per day for one year. 365 Brilliance Nuggets days! These nuggets are fun, informative, and refreshingly short.

To visualize my journey, I have compared this adventure to hiking the 2,200 miles Appalachian Trail (A.T.). If we were to hike that trail in one year, it would be 6 miles per day. Ergo, in this analogy, one brilliance nugget equals 6 miles.

We started at Springer Mountain in Georgia, and we headed North, all the way to Maine. I say “we” because you are an incredibly important part of this journey. Without your comments and your encouragement, I could not do this! So, thank you!!!!

For your convenience, here is a list of ALL the Brilliance Nuggets so far. Each Sunday, I will add the latest nuggets at the bottom of the list.

BTW, just for fun, I might build out this list by adding where on the A.T. we are at. Please tell me what you think of that…

Which one is your favorite? Please let me know.

  1. The Journey of Writing Around 300 Words Every Day
  2. Pablo Picasso and the Periods of Life 
  3. Point Out the Brilliance in the People Around You
  4. Experts are like black holes
  5. How Remarkable – I Finally Kicked My Paper War To The Curb
  6. How Do I Write My Daily Brilliance Nuggets?
  7. Lead with vulnerability?!
  8. Brain freeze
  9. How Studying Chemistry Messed Up My Reading Speed – The Trap of “Perfect”
  10. How the Courage To Be On This Journey Is Creating A Ripple Effect
  11. Remember Why You Started Your Business?
  12. What We Can Learn From Our Aging Parents
  13. I am an Addict
  14. Your Brilliance: A Quick “What If” Game
  15. The Big Leap
  16. My Custom Services Could Become A Product?!?
  17. Wait – A Blog About Procrastination?
  18. The Declaration of Brilliance
  19. Stephie, The Parrot
  20. Back To Basics: Creating a Breakthrough By Focusing On ONE Thing
  21. Don’t Ever Lose Your Zest For Life
  22. Dr. Stephie?! – How Much Should We Let Our Credentials Speak For Us?
  23. Wipe When Through
  24. Take Your Shot
  25. Trailblazing Mom Eagle 
  26. Grey Zone Thinking
  27. A Powerful Exercise to Support Necessary Shifts in Your Company
  28. It is puzzling
  29. Sometimes It Feels Like It’s Not Going Fast Enough?!
  30. How a Marketing Company Found Its Ideal Client and Increased Revenues Seven-fold
  31. How the Biggest Trap in Storytelling Hurts the Success of Your Mission
  32. Brilliance Nuggets and the Appalachian Trail
  33. What Do Columbus and Bees Have in Common?
  34. Ask More Questions and Ask the Right Ones
  35. Less Is More
  36. Core Values: Integrity With Others And Yourself
  37. I Love Texas
  38. Having Fun With Visualizing Your Journey
  39. A Challenge for You and Me: Which ONE Simple Discipline Will Transform Your Life?
  40. The Art of Balance: Lean In or Lean Out?
  41. What makes up a product?
  42. The Art Of Using Your Calendar
  43. Life is Like A Bowl of Spaghetti
  44. Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
  45. Let’s Say “Wow” More Often
  46. I’m Unstoppable Today – And So Can You!
  47. Happy Dollar Half-Hour
  48. Imagine Your TV Interview
  49. Show Me The Money – Story #1
  50. You Are My Champions – and The Real Heroes!
  51. 7 Things You Must Have to Shift Your Company from Consulting to Product
  52. Small Things That Chip Away At Your Energy
  53. “The Light Talks to the Plants” – How Clear is Your Message About What You Do?!
  54. Keep On Learning or Become a Dinosaur
  55. Two More Months Until the End of the Year
  56. Meet Roger!
  57. The Value of An Expert Is Shifting
  58. Saying The Right Words to the Right People
  59. Opposing But Complimentary Forces – In Life and In Business
  60. Celebration and Gratitude
  61. Creating The Most Magnificent Thing
  62. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Part 1: Family
  63. A Picture Is Worth More Than a Thousand Words?!
  64. A Smarter Way to Train New Staff
  65. Make Your Dreams Happen with Optionism
  66. You Are the Placebo
  67. Improve Your Life By Knowing About the Extinction Burst
  68. I Need a Second Set of Eyes On This
  69. Why I love Toastmasters
  70. Ten Quick Tips for How to Deal With Overwhelm
  71. Let Them Know You Love And Appreciate Them – While You Can
  72. Get Rid of Your”Rotten Potatoes”
  73. I Need Your Help, Please
  74. A Leadership Exercise With A Big “Aha” Moment
  75. Is There A Practical Version of Buckminister Fuller’s Dymaxion Chronofile?
  76. Help Me Grow – Find Something Good In Me First
  77. Olivia’s Big Fat Story
  78. I Am So Grateful To YOU!
  79. Take a Chill Pill
  80. How Can You Accidentally Stop Someone From Improving Their Behavior?
  81. Why Price’s Law Makes A Strong Case For Brilliance Extraction
  82. How To Get Good Where You Need More Success
  83. Maximize Your Budget for Apps and SaaS Tools
  84. How This Entrepreneur Transformed Her Business During the Pandemic
  85. Walking the Fine Line Between Pushing Yourself And Driving Yourself Nuts
  86. Where is Your Brilliance Coming From?
  87. An Attitude of Gratitude
  88. Keep Your Brain From Shrinking
  89. Declaring A Decision And A Tiny Step
  90. Create Your Knowledge Bank
  91. Let’s Celebrate This Milestone
  92. Bring Intentional Joy to Your Day
  93. Five Things I Learned as Protege in Marketing
  94. What To Do When You Are Stuck On “Why”
  95. Learning Wisdom From Previous Generations
  96. Love Your Work – And Don’ Take Your Dreams To The Grave
  97. Don’t Be Quite So Smart – Relate!
  98. Brevity Can Boost Your Signal-To-Noise
  99. Discovering “New Cheese”
  100. Celebrating With Wisdom From the Book of Proverbs
  101. The “Stay, Stop, Start” Exercise
  102. Reduce Turnover And Stop Burning Your Money
  103. Boost Your Training System With These Three Learning Theories
  104. The Bad Idea Brainstorm
  105. Making Mundane Chores Into Fun Memories
  106. Four Thoughts That Will Change Your Life
  107. Stop Overthinking and Be Present
  108. Merry Christmas
  109. What Does A Great Big Meal Have In Common With Training?
  110. Why Do Humans Drink Alcohol?
  111. Network Smarter and Have More Fun
  112. A Different Spin On New Year’s Resolutions
  113. These Three Things REVOLUTIONIZED My Life in 2021
  114. The Age-old Wrestling Match: Perfection Or Completion?
  115. Hug your life!
  116. Read Books in the Blink of An Eye
  117. What Impedes Our Listening?
  118. A Weakness Is A Fantastic Opportunity
  119. That’s Funny! How To Engage Others With Humor
  120. From Stress To Freedom
  121. Work In Your Sweetspot
  122. The Brilliance Mining Community
  123. A Puzzling Sunday Reflection
  124. Kick Off Your Week With These Three Proverbs
  125. Make More Time Using Parkinson’s Law
  126. A Story: How Planet “Brillonia” Got Started
  127. Mine Your Brilliance And Get a Big Payoff
  128. Meet Brillonia’s “Doc”
  129. Ready, Set, Go: Tap Into Your Brilliance With This Simple 7-Day Challenge
  130. How To Stop Problem-solving From Being a “Hot Potato”
  131. Surprise Yourself With This Simple Challenge
  132. CHOOSE How You Want to Live
  133. 3 Reasons Why Our Future Depends on Listening To Each Other
  134. The Ultimate Nugget To Turn Defeat Into Big Wins
  135. Three Types Brilliance Systems That Will Transform Your Business
  136. Challenges Are Good For Us
  137. Your Challenge: Writing Brilliance Nuggets for 7 Days
  138. 2 Hacks For Building Good Habits
  139. You Get ALL THAT From 7 Mini-Brilliance Nuggets?!
  140. We Have Not Because We Ask Not
  141. I Have A Dream
  142. A Steady Drop Shapes the Rock
  143. Believing these 5 Myths About Self-Care Keeps You From Being Vibrant
  144. Your Secret Weapon To Mastering Delegation
  145. Consider A Spherical Cow
  146. Getting Off the Hamster Wheel. Is Moving To Planet Brillonia In Order?
  147. Get a Small Win Fast
  148. A Brilliant Brilliance Nugget: The Paralysis of Perfection
  149. Collect Your Gold Nuggets Before They Go Away
  150. How Abraham Lincoln Created the Gettysburg Address
  151. Practice One-Minute Habits And See Exciting Results
  152. Look For Past Wins, Get Excited, And Finally Celebrate
  153. Is Your Expertise Killing You?
  154. Could We Have Saved More Of Einstein’s Unique Brilliance?
  155. Nuggetize Your Brilliance!
  156. What’s Better in Life and Business: Unicycle or Tandem
  157. Showing Up Makes a Staggering Difference
  158. What Is More Important: Chemistry Or Football?
  159. Can You Actually Teach Someone How To “MacGyver” Problems?
  160. The Remarkable Question: Is The Timing Ever “Right”?
  161. 6 Proven Times When You Must See The Brilliance Doctor
  162. I Will Never Forget What This Waiver Taught Me
  163. Are High-Achievement, Work-Life Balance, and Globetrotting Mutually Exclusive?
  164. Why I Love Employee-Ownership: Results from Brilliance Mining
  165. 3 Reasons Why Comments From the Stands Are Rarely Helpful
  166. The Devastating Mistake You Should Never Make With Metrics
  167. Take the Blinders Off and Cross the Chasm
  168. Unlock Your Life: Forget About What You “Should” Do
  169. Provide A Surprising Amount Of Value In Your Marketing
  170. How to Shape Your Life’s Story with Your Brilliance
  171. High Time to Take A Refreshing Mental Bubble Bath
  172. Simple Yet Eye-Opening? How To Live Good
  173. A New Challenge For Living Well
  174. Discover Your Hidden Brilliance: An Insight From The Outsight
  175. YOU Decide!
  176. When Your Energy Is High, Run With It!
  177. How To Preserve The Brilliance In Your Nonprofit – A Scholarship Opportunity
  178. Do You See Yourself Having A Wonderful Retirement?
  179. How To Reliably Live Up to Promises You Make
  180. Let’s Celebrate (This Thursday)!
  181. Are All Sales Opportunities Created Equal?
  182. Will Building an Online Course Make Me Rich?
  183. How to Expand Your Freedom Now and Forever
  184. Never Underestimate The Wondrous Gifts From Writing Every Day
  185. How Do You Make My Hidden Brilliance Visible?
  186. How You Can Always Make Someone’s Life Better
  187. What’s Better For You: The Firehose Or Drip Irrigation?
  188. Love Your Life Even More With A Fun Meter
  189. How To Ensure Your Online Learning Does Not Fall Flat
  190. How Can Innovative Entrepreneurs Stay Captain of Their Ship?
  191. Unearthing Opportunities From Looming Your Brilliance
  192. Discover How To Make Your Brilliance Profitable – Join Us For The Brilliance Mining Webinar
  193. Announcing My First Step To Moving More
  194. What Is So Special About Employee-Owned Companies?
  195. Gain An Edge By Being In A Brilliance Mining Cohort
  196. Three Surprisingly Simple Moves That Make Outsourcing Successful
  197. Notion Is Like Love Potion #9 For Your Business or Mission
  198. How To Deal With Employees Who Flake Out On You
  199. Exploit The Hidden Treasures From Creating Your Brilliance Nuggets
  200. Exciting Progress: 200 Brilliance Nuggets In The Bank
  201. A Surprising Truth: Scientists Do Have One Strong Advantage In Marketing
  202. Why Would a Ph.D. Chemist Become A Brilliance Miner?
  203. Who REALLY Is The Decision-Maker About Buying Your Product?
  204. The Chasm Between Science And Business. Do Scientists Embrace Coaching?
  205. As A Scientist, I Finally Understood The Catalytic Value Of Coaching
  206. How To “Clone” Your Thoughts And Skills – What Is A Brilliance Mining Cohort?
  207. A Private Interview With Dr. Stephie About German Culture
  208. It’s All Robert’s “Fault”
  209. How To Hand Off Years Of Experience In Two Weeks
  210. How Scary Is Narrating Your Brilliance On Video?
  211. Achieving Personal Growth While Being True To Yourself
  212. Which Type Of Expert Do You Want To Be?
  213. The Four Stages Of Growth And The Trap They Create
  214. Reframe Things That Happened To You And Reclaim Your Power
  215. How To Teach Areas Of Great Innate Ability
  216. How Helpful Is Brilliance Mining In Research & Development?
  217. What Is The Best Timing To Begin Brilliance Mining?

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