Four Thoughts That Will Change Your Life

Four Thoughts That Will Change Your Life

It is no secret: You and I love learning. In this Brilliance Nugget, I want to share with you four thoughts about growing and passing on knowledge that will change your life- and quick examples. The more you implement all four thoughts the more you change your life – for the better, of course! 🙂

Thought #1: Seek To Learn Something New Every Day

Seeking to learn something new every day enriches you mentally and spiritually. It could add to your monetary wealth, too. It keeps you at the cutting edge as well. Our world and technology change at a faster pace than ever. The constant-learn-something-new mindset keeps you from becoming a dinosaur.

Example: One source to learn from is our 13-year old son. What does he read? What is the thought behind the games he plays? I’m not claiming I understand it all. However, I recently put two and two together. I had an insight into why these games are so addictive. For example, in the game “Genshin Impact” you “work” to get to make a wish. You don’t know what the reward will be. Then a friend (who works at Facebook) told me about how varying rewards increase the addictiveness of games! Wow. Of course, my thoughts jumped to the question: How could one use this knowledge to make all kinds of learning more addictive.

Thought #2: Teaching Others Increases Your Mastery

When you teach, you become even more aware of what you know well and where there may be pockets of being “not-to-sure.” Your knowledge becomes even crisper, more organized, and more readily accessible when you teach it to others.

Example: When I write these Brilliance Nuggets, I need to organize my thoughts and think about how to share them, so it makes sense to you. I want to get it across quickly; thus,  I need to decide what is the most important. I often research more resources and pull them into what I write.

Thought #3: Make Your Teaching Systematic and Immortal

Teach another person, AND you create an everlasting knowledge system. That is exactly what Brilliance Extraction™ is about. You make your teaching systematic and available forever.

Example: I followed my advice and extracted my own “brilliance” (with help because no one can do this on their own). That process gave birth to my new “Brilliance Mining” course.

I continue to work with select clients one-on-one. Yet now, I also offer to teach others how to do Brilliance Mining™. The course takes participants through Brilliance Mapping™, Brilliance Extraction™, and Brilliance Replication™. Alongside the online system, we host weekly live group sessions of six participants. We discuss the material of a given module and support participants in applying it in their business or organization.

The result: More people have access to the Brilliance Mining methodology and support for using it. At the same time, I have massively expanded my bandwidth!

Thought #4: Allow and Encourage Your Team Members To Implement Thoughts #1-3

If you have team members, allow them to do #1-3, too. Encourage them! Your company or organization will be better for it. We have talked about the benefits of creating knowledge systems for your company in other Brilliance Nuggets: Mitigation of brain drain, preserving the “tribal knowledge,” being able to delegate, grow and scale faster and more efficiently, etc.

Also consider, that many team members want to grow personally and professionally. When you offer opportunities for growth, that goes a long way toward creating loyalty. Such opportunities are gifts that increase retention. An excellent book by Beverly Kaye and Julie Winkle Giulioni has the title, “Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go.” Exactly!

Example: Years ago, I worked as a scientist for a high-tech company. I loved it. When I decided to leave eight years later, I still loved my coworkers and many things about the company. Yet, I had exhausted the growth opportunities that were available to me. It was time to move on and further my growth!

I’m Curious

In which areas can you boost your success and satisfaction?

I invite you to look at thoughts #1-4 and see where you think you have the most significant growth potential.

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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