Want to 8x Your Business - And Get Your Life Back?

Want to 8x Your Business – And Get Your Life Back? Just Press Record

Do you want to 8x your business? Have you ever felt like your business success came at the expense of precious family time? You’re not alone.

Also, please join me for a live Q&A to discuss how to implement this quickly without sucking up more of your time.

Many business owners struggle to balance growing their business with having a fulfilling personal life. But what if you could rapidly scale your business without sacrificing time with loved ones?

As I shared in the video, the key is leveraging AI to extract and replicate your expertise, creating training systems for your team. This frees you from having to be indispensable while still capturing your know-how to fuel business growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Record your working sessions and use AI to pull out key points. This builds training content fast.
  • Make your knowledge accessible to your team so you can step away.
  • This approach can grow your business up to 8 times.
  • More time for family, innovation, and strategic thinking.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you missed something in your family life that you really didn’t want to miss? Did you miss it because of work obligations? You had to be there because of something happening in your business where you were indispensable. 

  • It could be the first step your kid took. 
  • It may be the first time your kid managed to ride their bicycle.
  • Maybe you missed a football game your son is playing.
  • Maybe your spouse is saying, “It’s wonderful that you have so much success with your business. We appreciate you bringing home all this money, but we would love to see you more.”
  • “When was the last time we had time to go on a vacation?”
  • “When we were on vacation, you always got calls.”

Before I give you one quick hack you can do to get yourself out of this pickle, let me talk about myself quickly because I don’t want to sound like I’m standing on some soapbox. I’m there right with you

I was just a couple of years ago. I was on vacation with my husband. Our son was in a camp, and we had the opportunity to relax together. I still have many work obligations to the point where my husband said, “Why are we even on vacation? “

I realized at that point that I had to change this. The funny thing is, I work with clients on exactly that. I pull knowledge out of their brains and put it into training systems so they can get away and no longer experience this issue. 

Yet here I was, still myself in that pickle. But that’s all changed. Artificial intelligence has changed the game significantly. You can use artificial intelligence in all kinds of ways. One exciting way is to use it to vastly accelerate pulling knowledge out of your brain and making it accessible to your team. That way, you can step away more and have more time for yourself and your family and high-level tasks, such as innovation and strategic thinking. 

What I Am Doing To Scale And Get My Life Back

Whenever I work, I record myself. I record (most) interactions with clients or training that I conduct. I have learned to use AI to pull the main points out of the transcripts of these recordings. Getting machine-generated transcripts is so easy now – and free in many cases. Use them with AI and build training systems very quickly. 

Just remember one thing: record what you do. With that, it is possible to massively increase the size of your business. Growing a business by a factor of eight is not an exaggeration – that can happen (depending on how big your business is now), but the important thing is: You grow what you do AND get your life back! Growing your business AND having more time is a great deal.

I want to invite you to tomorrow’s Q&A. Come and join me. We’ll make this hands-on and very interactive. The Q&Q last week was phenomenal. I showed the attendees how to do what I am discussing here. I took the recording of this Q&A, and it became the foundation of a new course, which will be available shortly.

A Word Of Encouragement

You can do this! Don’t miss more special moments in your personal life because of concern for your business. The root cause of missing special life moments is that you have knowledge in your head that people on your team need. The solution to that issue can now be implemented faster than ever!

The bottom line is that with the right AI strategy, you really can have it all – a thriving business and a fulfilling personal life. So what are you waiting for? Press record and start scaling your expertise!

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Live brilliantly,

Dr. Stephie

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