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Share Your Brilliance: Three Stories on Scaling Your Business By Sharing Knowledge with Your Team

In this Treasure Tuesday, join me as I share the challenges faced by business owners with a wealth of knowledge but difficulty scaling their businesses due to the information being trapped in their heads. Through three quick stories, I’ll provide insights and strategies for effectively sharing knowledge and share your brilliance with your team and growing your business. (Heads up: The third story is yours!)

I invite you to watch this video instead of just reading the summary because this one is quite visual. I think it illustrates – via stories – a lot of things I have been saying over the past months and years rather nicely (you be the judge of that, of course!).


In this video, I discuss how learning multiple subjects and applying that knowledge leads to unique expertise and wisdom. That is especially true after that knowledge has been applied in practice over many years. I share three stories to illustrate the importance of effectively sharing knowledge with your business team.

Story # 1 is about a business owner who specializes in staffing and building strong relationships with clients and employees. He was trying to teach his employees the “secret sauce” he had developed to make the perfect match between client companies and candidates.

Story #2 is brief and reveals the answer to the question: How did “Brilliance Mining” come about? Someone (thank you, Irene Donnell, from P5 Marketing) pulled that “brilliance” marble out of my brain. Brilliance Mining unearths knowledge that is “trapped” in someone’s brain, making it much more accessible. It creates the ability to scale your business while having more work life balance, gives you a way to implement knowledge management, and creates more options for your business in the long run (pass on, sell, franchise).

Story #3: That is YOUR story. What critical knowledge do you have in your brain that others on your team need? What could happen if you were able to effectively transfer it to your team, prospective or current customers, partners, and investors….?

I’m Curious

I’m curious about your story! Please write me a note – I’d love to hear from you.

Live brilliantly,

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this Treasure Tuesday with others. Thank you!

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