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Extracting Brilliance

Extract Your Brilliance

Brilliance Extraction

Brilliance Extraction™ Extracts Critical Knowledge Out Of the Heads of Key People

All successful and grown companies have unique expertise. Yet, most of that expertise lives in the heads of key people. It goes to bed at night, goes on vacation, retires someday, or moves on to another company.

Sure, some of it may be documented, but chances are, you have a gold mine of knowledge, expertise, and competencies that would add to the profitability and value of your company.

Sooner or later the loss of critical knowledge puts the sustainability of your company in danger. At the very least, it drives up costs and reduces profits.

Key knowledge "trapped" in the heads of key people causes challenges that you are likely not aware of or do not have a solution for:

  • Key people can barely get away from work, even vacations are stressful, leading to burnout
  • The company has a hard time to grow and scale-up. Growth is limited to the level the key people can handle
  • The company is harder to sell/pass on. If you do sell, you are likely to sell for less than you expected - in many cases, a lot less

So, what is the answer?

Leverage Your Brilliance

Leverage Your Expertise

Brilliance Extraction™ Leverages Your Intellectual Capital

Brilliance Extraction™ is our proven process for extracting critical expertise out of the heads of your key people, including the company's principles.

We call that your intellectual capital. It is an intangible, yet often overlooked asset. It is not book learning or patented intellectual property. It is what people learn over time on the job, e.g.,

  • Poorly documented ways of doing important work - processes, training, policies
  • What can go wrong, how to avoid it, how to fix it (trouble-shooting)
  • Relationships with clients, vendors, collaborators, banks
  • Execution of critical functions including marketing, HR, and others

Brilliance Extraction™ pulls this knowledge out of your subject matter experts and leaders without bogging them down. In fact, the results make their jobs easier and more productive.

From there, the information is made even more systematic and is converted into training systems, procedures and policies that make life easier and bring clarity. We call that the Systematizer™.

Your critical knowledge, when extracted and systematized, becomes your online company training "university" and elevates the value of your company.

Brilliance Extraction™ is a Swift Process with Measurable ROI

We make intangible assets tangible. Leverage your expertise and make it immortal.

The Benefits of Brilliance Extraction™

Brilliance Extraction benefits

Top 10 Benefits

  1. Convert your intangible assets into tangible assets, thereby future-proofing your company
  2. Avoid burnout of key people (including yourself)
  3. Free up key people to focus on more creative/innovative tasks (because they are no longer bogged down with executing tasks others could do if only those others knew how to do them)
  4. Grow and scale-up much faster
  5. Hire faster - You can hire less experienced people (with a good attitude) and train them fast. You pay less and often get much better staff.
  6. Business expansion and franchising becomes an option
  7. Succession planning becomes much easier
  8. Your business becomes more valuable - this is great for all its stakeholders
  9. Your business is much easier to sell or pass on (over 80% of businesses cannot be sold!)
  10. You and your key people can create a legacy that will continue to serve others beyond your own involvement

Brilliance Extraction™ Has Incredible ROI

Brilliance Extraction Return on Investment

Brilliance Extraction™ Pays Off in Spades

Here are some examples:

  1. The Exit Strategy Advisor who saves 200 hours of time each year - worth around 60k each year (!) - after spending only two hours on Brilliance Extraction™
  2. The digital marketing agency that tripled its revenue in one year after using Brilliance Extraction to create materials that showed their work and learned reliable outsourcing
  3. This marketing/sales agency is now well on their way to growing a multi-million dollar engine that converts leads into consultations with their plastic surgeon clients
  4. The bathtub refinishing company that build a training system for the Quality Control staff and then built a manual for their whole company - doing better than ever as a result
  5. The global software company providing legislative software to governments around the world that built courses to bring government IT people, implementers, and new team members up to speed on how to implement and use their product

You Can Do This!

Brilliance Extraction You can do this

Brilliance Extraction™ Is Powerful, Yet Not Complex

We got this down to an art and science. It's not complex, yet, it is powerful.

You can do this! And you can do it in a way that does not interrupt your day-to-day operations.

The Brilliance Extraction™ System has three components:

  1. Brilliance Mapping™ - identify the expertise you want to extract, why and for whom
  2. Brilliance Extraction™ - let's find a great place to start
  3. Brilliance Systemizing™ - convert your brilliance into a system that fits your needs

Brilliance Extraction Options

Brilliance Extraction Choices

You Have Options

  1. Do-It-Yourself (DIY): We teach you how to do it yourself.
  2. Do-It-With-You (DWY): We do it with you. There are many benefits to this. We save you lots of time, and we bring our fresh eyes and our experience. It gets done well and fast. You start reaping in the high return-on-your-investment ASAP.
  3. Start with DWY to get going, and then you go to the DIY option. Many of our clients say we made them into "Brilliance Detection Detectives", and they get very good at it. They often still want a little of our help but far less than in the beginning.

You don't need to commit tons of money. You are in charge of how much help you want and need. You determine the scope of the effort and the pace with which you want to proceed. We give you all the tools and support that fits your needs.