Solutions for Retention and Transfer of Knowledge

What Does Brilliance Extraction Cost?

Brilliance extraction™ is a science and an art. It is a process that involves not only Brilliance Extraction™ itself. It also requires business planning, coaching to connect dots and gain more clarity, and systemizing of knowledge.

It costs $2,500 to get started, and you're going to spend somewhere north of that every month for at least two, three, four months. That's about what it costs.

If your company is a bigger organization with more complex issues, it's going to cost more.

If you are asking yourself, "I get that Brilliance Extraction is valuable. Can I afford it?"
Ask yourself "Can I write a $2,500 a month check without having to go crazy?" That makes it pretty simple.

If we dig deeper into pricing this analogy may help. Let's say, you want a car. What kind of car? How many doors? You want it to go how fast? How many people does it need to carry? What kind of engine? Is it brand new? Is it a Cadillac, a Rolls Royce, is it a Chevy? Is it Porsche Cayenne Turbo?

"What's your minimum monthly billing for which you'll accept a client?"

The other day we were asked this question that we thought was very insightful. The smallest  Brilliance Extraction engagement is generally $2,500.

Engagements often take three to six months. Sometimes they take a year. Saying that is honestly a great guess because we don't know the full extent of what you need. We don’t know the extent of your brilliance! 😊 We also don't know how fast you want to tackle extracting and systemizing the critical knowledge that makes you and your business great.

Two Things That Really Matter To Our Clients

In our experience, at the end of the day, what our clients really want when we talk about pricing are two things:

  1.  Having a reference on pricing so you are sure you not signing up for $50,000 worth of work with no great place to stop or call it done.
  2.  The confidence that you will get a great return on your investments, and that you can begin to enjoy that ROI soon after we start working together.

We can put your mind at ease with both of these questions.

  • You are in charge! You decide how much you want to tackle and how fast.
    • For example, in some cases, our Lightning-Speed Brilliance Extraction is all you need. It solves a particular pinpointed challenge. We do the process with you, and you are done in a few hours.
    • Or, more commonly, let's start with working together for three months. You will get results that more than pay for the investment. Along the way, we will discover other opportunities you could take advantage of if you want to.
  • You will see the benefits very quickly. Most clients enjoy the benefits already in month 1.
    Chances are you the benefits will outweigh your investment soon after we begin our work with you.