Brilliance Mapping

Mapping Your Brilliance

What is Brilliance Mapping?

Brilliance Mapping is like creating a compass

Brilliance Mapping Is Like a Compass

Brilliance Mapping is about identifying

  1. The areas of expertise you have that could be leveraged better and be made immortal?
  2. The purpose of extracting and systemizing your brilliance in those areas
  3. The intended recipient of the extracted expertise/brilliance

Brilliance Mapping is like creating a compass for your business/organization and life.

  • Within a few hours, you are crystal clear about which expertise areas are most important to protect, leverage, and make immortal.
  • You know why it is important because you see the Brilliance Extraction project in the full context of your business or organization.
  • And you will have determined who will be the intended audience or recipient of the brilliance that is extracted from you (or another key person in your organization).

A Great Tool For Brilliance Mapping

Brilliance Mapping and Business Plan KISS Style

Map Your Brilliance With the KISS Business Plan

The Business Plan KISS Style is a powerful, 2-3 page business action plan. Its function is to drive your business success forward in a chunked down, focused, practical way. That is because the final section is a 90-day action plan.

The focused and simple design of the Business Plan KISS Style is ideally suited for Brilliance Mapping. Within a couple of hours, you are clear where to focus your efforts.

KISS Style means "Keep It Smart & Simple"

The reality of it is, most smart people do not keep business planning simple. They tend to run out of time or energy before planning is complete or try to map it out in their heads. Meanwhile, important business milestones are passed.

It’s common to spend months creating the “perfect” business plan. Except when it’s finally done, it is not useful for running the business day-to-day. It does not result in an action plan that guides and achieves essential business goals for growth.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Brilliance Mapping™ is a Swift Process with Measurable ROI

We make intangible assets tangible. Leverage your expertise and make it immortal.

The Benefits of Brilliance Mapping™

Brilliance Extraction benefits

The Benefits of Brilliance Mapping and the Business Plan KISS Style

How do Brilliance Extraction™ and building knowledge systems fit into the big picture?

  • See the critical things that are on your mind on only 2-3 pages of (electronic) paper: Your vision, your business purpose, your goals, and your top strategies, including how to leverage your brilliance (your intellectual capital)
    • What is your vision for where your company is going?
    • What is your mission? That is the overall purpose of your business/organization.
    • To what extent do you plan to grow and scale up your business? How much by when?
    • Which strategies do you have in mind?
    • What is your plan for taking action?
  • Increases your clarity and return-on-investment
  • You now have a succinct document to work with and show to your team members, collaborators, investor candidates, and others
  • Your strategies and goals are cohesive with one another.  We guide you through simple reverse-engineering to make sure of that
  • Your plan ends with a 90-day action plan for success. That means action begins right away. These actions put in place the strategies you planned. These strategies, in turn, are built on the foundation of your vision, business purpose, and goals.  Smaller steps will get you there faster than a few giant, exhausting steps that often don't get done. Keep the detailed plan to 90 days. You can write down longer-term goals, yet, since the action plan is pretty detailed let's keep that to a more manageable timeframe.
  • The plan is living and breathing - you will tweak and update it over time. You can also expand on it to meet the needs of investors or board members who might want to see a more in-depth plan.

Brilliance Systemizing™ Has Incredible ROI

Brilliance Extraction Return on Investment

Brilliance Mapping and Business Planning KISS Style Has Great ROI

The amount of time and money you invest in business planning KISS style pays off many-fold via acceleration of reaching your goals.

Using this tool as a Brilliance Mapping Tool is the fastest way to leverage your brilliance with the highest return-on-investment.

  • FOCUS your Brilliance Extraction and Systemizing on what is most important to you and your company/organization
  • Who is the intended recipient of the information (new staff; existing team members; collaborators; successors; customers; prospects; your kids; etc.)?
  • At what level does the information need to be presented? Does the information need to be simplified? Does it need to be broken down into bitesize steps (probably yes)?
  • How do Brilliance Extraction™ and building knowledge systems fit into the big picture? For example,
    • You plan to grow your company by onboarding more team members who can implement your software on customers' sites all over the world, you probably will want to do Brilliance Extraction on training people to do that. That way you save yourself a lot of time and money!
    • You know deep down that at some point you will need to pass on the company to someone else. Which brilliance must you pass on before it is too late? Remember, too, that many business owners depart their business because of an unplanned event.
    • You want to make the company/organization less dependent on you, the owner.
    • You want to make the company/organization be less dependent on a few key experts on your team.
    • You feel strongly that there is someone important in your life who needs to have more of your brilliance as building blocks for their future.

Brilliance Mapping™ Is Fast and Affordable

Brilliance Mapping is Fast

There is Great News!

Brilliance Mapping using the KISS Business Plan as a tool is fast.

Wow, really? Yes, really.

We have a Business Planning KISS Style Course that guides you through the whole thing in 1-2 hours. It is not an online course in the traditional sense. Traditional courses just teach you how to do something.  Here, you actually do it.  You write the whole plan within that time (of course, you also learn how to do it, too).

Better yet, talk to us.

Get 30 minutes of complimentary Brilliance Mapping™ and you will discover a lot. You will also get to see the format of the KISS Business Plan.

How Do I Start With Mapping My Brilliance?

Brilliance Mapping

Get 30 Minutes of FREE Brilliance Mapping™

Brilliance Mapping™ is a conversational process where we map out which brilliance you have (or someone on your team) that you want to protect, leverage, and make immortal.

We invite you to take advantage of a complimentary 30-minute Brilliance Mapping conversation.

During this conversation, we begin to map your brilliance using our Brilliance Mapping Tool.
You will gain critical insights into your brilliance and your priorities to leveraging and future-proofing it.
Then you have the information you need to decide how to proceed.