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Let’s Celebrate This Milestone

How do you celebrate when you reach a milestone? Especially when the journey is long and ambitious, it is so helpful (and fun!) to celebrate your progress. Today, we have reached the 25% mark in our 365-day Brilliance Nugget journey. I say “we” because while I do the writing it is you you do the reading and commenting. Thank you!

Visualization: Writing One Brilliance Nuggets Equals Hiking 6 Miles

You may remember that early on I created a fun visualization. I compared the journey of writing one Brilliance Nugget per day to hiking six miles per day. I came up with that number because hiking only six miles per day for 365 days would lead to hiking the 2,200-mile long Appalachian Trail (that is another adventure I would like to take on in the future). Yes, I know in reality people hike this trail faster. Nonetheless, this visualization is another example of the fact that taking small steps, even tiny ones, consistently, is unstoppable! With this visualization, we can see on a trail map just how we have come.

Today is Day 91. In our visualization game, we have hiked 546 miles by now. We have gone from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Walker Mountain in Virginia. Yay!

A Quick Reflection On The Journey So Far

  1. Initially, I was battling some bouts of perfectionism,yet, I managed to establish the habit of writing every day.
  2. After the first week or so, writing every day got easier.
  3. A little while later, I was back to spending more time on writing the Brilliance Nuggets and researching material for it.
    • I loved it – and yet, I was feeling a bit “under the gun.”
    • That is when I began thinking more about ways to relieve stress and balancing things. I often help people with that – now I had to help myself with it.
    • I dug more into the benefits of meditation and found that research suggests that we can keep our brain from shrinking as we age through regular meditation (which is easier than most think)
  4. As aresult, I have started to mediate in the mornings, even if it is just five minutes for now.
  5. A friend told me about BrainHQ, a brain training app. It is intriguing so I decided to sign up for it and try it.
  6. I also signed up for Blinkist, an online service that gives book summaries in writing and as audio tracks.
  7. All along this journey so far, I have pulled “Brilliance” out of my own head, soaked up ideas from people around me, and done further research into things that already intrigued me.
    • As my dear friend Robert Donnell from P5 Marketing pointed out, some of my writing focused on subjects I had never written about before.
    • One example is the Brilliance Nugget about the extinction burst which has influenced the way I think about parenting and changing my own habits.
    • Another example is Why Price’s Law Makes a Strong Case For Brilliance Extraction. I had just learned about that law and realized a powerful connection between it and Brilliance Extraction.
  8. I have also written about a fundamentally important human tendency in the Nugget entitled “Olivia’s Big Fat Story.”
  9. And, of course, I shared a bunch about capturing, and transferring your brilliance. Here are just some of the highlights.

Let’s Celebrate

I have loved, loved, loved all the comments and messages I have gotten from you all. Or y’all as we say in Texas. As I said before: You are my champions and the real heroes on this journey. Thank you!

We deserve a celebration. I toast to you! And I’m going for a real hike with a friend right now.

I’m Curious

  • How do you celebrate when you reach a milestone?
  • What have you learned so far?
  • Which Brilliance Nuggets are your favorite ones? Here is the whole list so far.

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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