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The Declaration of Brilliance

In October of 2020, my dear friend Robert said to me

“I think you should write a manifesto.”

Robert Donnell

This is the same Robert who suggested that I take on writing Short Brilliance Nuggets each day.

“What even is a manifesto? It sounds political to me. Why should I write one?”

I was full of questions.

We talked about it. I looked at some examples. I slept on it. It seemed like if I was going to write a “manifesto” it would be about what I stand for. It would be about what the foundation is for the work I do.

Something Magical Happened

Then something magical happened. I sat down and wrote down what came to mind and was in my heart. It plopped onto the paper. Fast.

I showed it to Robert and his wife Irene. We made it a bit more concise. Then I picked a brain bulb as an image to go with it and hired a designer to lay it out. You can read it below. I now offer is as prints (poster or canvas). People hang it on their walls. To me, that is so cool.

Yet, I didn’t want to call it a “manifesto.” II decided to call it the “Declaration of Brilliance.”

I’m Curious

Would you please read it and comment. What are your thoughts from reading it?

The Declaration of Brilliance

Stephie Althouse

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