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When Your Energy Is High, Run With It!

Nobody’s energy is high every single day. Sometimes you need to take a mental bubble bath. Other times, it is time to step on the gas pedal.

Here is what is happening now – and I think there are a couple of valuable points in this for you.

For me, speaking is pure energy. Put me in front of a room of people who give me the chance to engage them, see what happens! I love it! 

Yesterday, I spoke at an event hosted by the Chamber of Commerce in Irving-Los Colinas. The talk title was provocative. “Is Your Expertise Killing You?” The reception was fantastic. What a blessing! It is quite energizing! Furthermore, I was asked to speak at other events in the future.

Then I drove back to my office and got ready for my first Brilliance Mining webinar. It is the first one because, until late 2021, the only way people got to work with me was as a private client. 

That limitation is no longer in place. I knew I had to expand my bandwidth and offer Brilliance Mining to more business owners – and non-profits as well. 

  • It has to work well, i. e., lead to tangible, worthwhile results. 
  • It has to be affordable. 
  • It has to be fun, uplifting, collaborative, and creative.
  • After some testing, I am confident that it is working well!

It was really good! You helped me recognize that I need more process orientation. Having you help me navigate that was great. I think I’m will be able to avoid some of the hurdles with processes others in my industry face and scale my business faster as a result. Thank you!

Tiffany Koettel, President, Growth Mindset Sales, LLC /SalesMastery Consultants Inc.

As a result, I now offer a 3-month Brilliance Mining™ program. It combines an online course about Brilliance Mining with weekly group coaching sessions. The program even includes a pinch of private coaching.

During the webinar, I introduced both Brilliance Mining and the Brilliance Mining Cohort program.

We also brainstormed using these seven questions:

  1. How easy is it for your company to grow and scale? What are the pitfalls you have experienced? 
  2. How comfortable are you with delegating?
  3. How often do you lose critical knowledge through turnover?
  4. How quickly can you onboard people and trust that they are doing their job as well as you do? 
  5. How effective are you in transferring your critical knowledge within your company?
  6. When you think of transferring your leadership role, how does that make you feel? 
  7. Which ideas/ brilliance do you have up your sleeve you could monetize?

To give you an idea of what is possible, here’s what another participant said:

I participated in two of Dr. Stephie‘s coaching programs. When I did the first program two years ago, my partner and I were trying to grow our marketing agency, but we were stuck. Over the last two years, we have tripled our business revenue, and at the same time, we have grown our team.

Dr. Stephie made sure our plan provided for work/life balance. We scaled without most of the growing pains so many small businesses have. I am in the second coaching program now because we are ready to refine our offering and productize some of what we do so well. In other words, we are ready to grow again!

Irene Donnell, Partner, P5 Marketing

One of my points is: When your energy is high, run with it! Do more!

My energy is sky-high right now – I’m bursting with excitement! I worked on this for some time, and we see the results. Exciting!

That is why I decided: Let’s do another webinar because I’ve had many people saying, “Shoot, I missed the last one, and I want to come.”

If you would like to participate in the next webinar, I invite you! The date is March 9, 11 am CST.

Register here. 

I’m Curious

How ready are you to grow and make more happen with your brilliance?

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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