Did You Know ...
Most Businesses Compromise
Their Most Precious Asset?

What is your most precious yet most vulnerable asset? If you guessed it is the expertise, experience, and wisdom that lives in your and your team member's brains, you are correct.

You might call it your "critical human knowledge."
I call it "Brilliance" for short. Because it is brilliant - and it is indispensable.

You are leaving heaps of money on the table if you don't capture the expertise and wisdom in your and your team's brains.

Dr. Stephie

You Lose Money - Heaps Of It - Because

  • You can't expand rapidly
  • You can't hire and train quickly enough
  • Your processes are not efficient and consistent
  • You don't stay at the cutting edge
  • You tarnish your reputation when you delegate in risky ways
  • You risk burn-out because you don't know how to delegate in a safe manner
  • You lose knowledge you can't replace

You Will Gain A New Perspective Regarding These Questions:

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How Can I Upgrade to Expert 2.0 and Make More Money?

How Valuable Do You Consider Your "Brilliance" To Be?

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Why Experts Are Such Lousy Trainers (Even The Best Ones)?

What Stunts Growth In ALL Businesses And Organizations (Even Solopreneurs)?

Why Are The Three Stages Of Brilliance Mining™ So Powerful?

How Can I Save Money And Make More Money?

How Can I Expand My Business And See Success Quickly?

How Can Stay At The Cutting Edge AND Have More Freedom?

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What People Say About Dr. Stephie

I participated in two of Dr. Stephie’s coaching programs. When I did the first program two years ago, my partner and I were trying to grow our marketing agency but we were stuck. Over the last two years, we have tripled our business revenue and at the same time, we have grown our team.

Dr. Stephie made sure our plan provided for work/life balance. We scaled without most of the growing pains so many small businesses have.

Irene Donnell

Irene Donnell, Partner
P5 Marketing

Thank you very much for believing in me! I now have my "brilliance dresser drawers" organized. I keep adding to them. Doing this is not my nature, so your support has been very helpful. I found that we can be more systematic in some aspects of our work. And I love the offboarding tool we createdThank you, that was brilliant and so much better than the "exit interview" form my HR company gave me!

Susie Carter

Susie Carter, President/Owner
Mixed Media Creations

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