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The Brilliance Mining Community

Did you know? Brilliance Mining™ is becoming a movement. We are forming a community of founders and experts who have critical expertise and wisdom they want to preserve and pass on. 

They are asking questions such as 

  • “How do I replace myself?”
  • “How do I free myself up?”

The motivation for these questions is not always exit strategy or succession planning. That is only part of it. 

A frequent driver for embarking on Brilliance Mining™ is the founder’s desire to bring their organization to the next level. They must make some of their current work into a trainable and delegatable routine for that to happen. 

Who Is in the Brilliance Mining Community?

The community consists largely of founders and experts from a variety of industries and organizations.

  • They run high-expertise, high-impact businesses/ organizations.
  • They are excited about what they are doing.
  • The impact of their work is vital to them.
  • They have an eye on the present moment AND a longer-term view.
  • They long to be on the cutting-edge of their industry or sector.

What is Happening in the Brilliance Mining Community?

More and more is happening!

  • We started with the Brilliance Nuggets. – I appreciate your comments and feedback!
  • Shortly, I will invite you to our first fun challenge. 🙂
  • I will offer free webinars soon. 
  • I’m also thinking about which platform will be best for our community.
    • LinkedIn?
    • Facebook?
    • Our own online platform we host ourselves?

Stay tuned for more!

I’m Curious

  • What do you think would be fun and valuable elements of the Brilliance Mining Community?
  • Which platform do you think will work best for this community?

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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