6 Proven Times When You Must See The Brilliance Doctor

6 Proven Times When You Must See The Brilliance Doctor

There are times when it is proven to be an excellent idea to see a medical doctorAt these times, going to the doctor is imperative and life-saving. What about the times you must consider to see the Brilliance doctor?

For example, when you had a bad accident. Or when you know (or suspect), you had or are having a heart attack or a stroke. Or when you feel a weird bump on your skin that wasn’t there before.

The medical community has acronyms such as F.A.S.T. or even B.E. F.A.S.T. to help us remember how to spot a stroke and what to do then (see a doctor ASAP):

Knowing the warning signs of a stroke could save a life. Remember to B.E. F.A.S.T.

B – Balance: The person may suddenly have trouble with balance or coordination.

E – Eyes: They could experience sudden blurred, double, or total loss of vision. This can happen in one or both eyes.

F – Face: Do you notice one side of their face drooping? Ask the person to smile.

A – Arms: Are they experiencing weakness in one arm? If they raise both arms, does one drift down?

S – Speech: Is speech slurred, are they unable to speak, or are they hard to understand? Ask the person to repeat a short sentence like, “Remember the Alamo.” Do they repeat the sentence correctly?

T – Time to get help: If you notice any of these symptoms, call 911 and get the person to a hospital immediately.


You might be proactive – hopefully, you are – and see your medical doctor once per year for a physical and a checkup, even when there is no emergency.

When Does Your Business Need a Brilliance Doctor?

What about your business? What are proven times when you should see a “Brilliance doctor”?

What Is a “Brilliance Doctor”?

“What is a Brilliance doctor?” you might ask. It is a professional trained in assessing the status of the brilliance in your business. By “Brilliance,” I mean the unique combination of your expertise, experience, and wisdom. You can also call it “critical knowledge.”

Just remember: It goes far beyond textbook knowledge. Your critical knowledge (aka brilliance) powers your business (or your non-profit or public office). It is like the life-giving blood of your business.

The B.E. F.A.S.T. Acronym for Assessing the Health of Your Brilliance

I thought it might be helpful to create a B.E. F.A.S.T. acronym for assessing the health of your company’s brilliance:

B – Brain drain – Do key experts leave and take their expertise with them? (if yes, that is like significant bleeding)

E – Excellence – Do your most innovative people have time for being innovative and creative so your company can stay at the cutting-edge? Or do they have to support others with their expertise much of their time? (the latter is akin to cell regeneration not working; thus, you age faster and heal more slowly)

F – Flow of expertise – Do you capture critical knowledge and document it to be transferred to others? Do you enable process improvements by making them visible? (If not, that is like blocked arteries leading to a heart attack or stroke)

A – Alignment – Is your business aligned in its vision and goals for what you will do with your brilliance? Or do you have groups of people pulling into different directions? (the latter is like growing cancer)

S – Succession – Do you have a succession plan? Is creating a legacy a possibility? (if not, it is like premature aging and even death)

T- Training – Is training of new people (or cross-training of existing staff) slow and costly? Do you have training SYSTEMS, or do you depend solely on person-to-person training?

Dr. Stephie, The Brilliance Mine

If you notice any of these symptoms, call the Brilliance Doctor. 🙂

I’m Curious

How do you rank your company according to these criteria? Drop me a line, please. I just created this acronym, and I’m curious how you like it and how useful you think it is. Thank you!

By the way, this concept does not only apply to brilliance in companies. It applies to non-profits and public offices, too.

Stephie Althouse

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