The Remarkable Question: Is The Timing Ever "Right"?

The Remarkable Question: Is The Timing Ever “Right”? 

This Brilliance Nugget may seem slightly self-serving. Yet, it stems from years of observing human behavior and timing, mine included.

Imagine you got enrolled into the possibility of something, whether that is a program to eat and exercise better, an opportunity to travel to an exciting place, or a program to embark on Brilliance Mining. The opportunity is exciting – yet, the timing is not quite right. 

“In 90 days, it will be better”. Ninety days roll around. “Hmm, I thought it would be better, but I need another 90 days.” Or, “Well… I don’t exactly know when.”

In the meantime, we gain weight and get unhealthier. We put off our travel plans. We don’t embrace and leverage our brilliance and get the ROI that stems from it. 

In other words, we continue to live with the risk of losing our health and brilliance, as well as living out loud on our bucket list.

Why Is That Such A Widespread Phenomenon? 

Let’s look.

Possible reasons could be:

  1. You are afraid that you will feel overwhelmed and not do the tiny yet consistent steps – even when there is support for achieving that!). 
  2. You are afraid that you will feel overwhelmed and will not do the tiny yet consistent steps – even when there is ample support for achieving that.
  3. On some level, you believe you don’t deserve the benefits of taking these small steps.
  4. You believe, “I need to do it perfectly, and hence I need to wait until I have time to really devote the time this needs!”
  5. You are not quite sure what you want to achieve. Unclear goals don’t lead to decisive action.
  6. You are afraid to invest money, even when the ROI is phenomenal, and there is a money-back guarantee. (ROI comes in different forms: a longer, healthier life, better life quality, a monetary return on your investment of time and money).

Maybe you can think of some more reasons?

What Does It Take To Debunk These “Reasons”?

Recently, an “aha” hit me about “reason” #4 hit me (again): We want the timing to be perfect. We want to do it perfectly. Yet, since “perfect” doesn’t exist, we never do it. NEVER! Ouch. Or we wait until it is pretty late. 

We wait until we have a heart attack – and then – maybe -we eat better and take the time to go for regular walks.

We wait to act on our travel dreams until it is more “convenient,” and all of a sudden, you are too old to go on that exciting trek to Nepal (or whatever it may be for you).

We wait to capture our “brilliance” until we are in some kind of emergency – and then it is too late. The critical expert has already left. Perhaps that expert is you. Sickness, divorce, and death often come before the intended project has a chance to happen. Much brilliance ends up on the cemetery. An uplifting thought, I realize.

Stephie, you are depressing me right now.”

Sorry, I don’t mean to do that. All I can say is this: I’ve got to kick my behind at times to move forward with things that are important to me. The timing will NEVER be PERFECT. That is because “perfect” doesn’t exist.

I’m stepping off my soapbox, and I’m going to take our dog for a walk. The time for that also never seems to be “perfect.”

I’m Curious

What is something important to you, yet, you are waiting for the “perfect” time?

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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