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Imagine Your TV Interview

Imagine yourself being invited to be on TV to talk about the mission of your business or non-profit. How would the TV moderator introduce you? Which questions would you want the moderator to ask you? What would you say? Can you imagine your TV interview with confidence?

It was once again my dear friend Robert Donnell from P5 Marketing who asked me that same pesky set of questions.

I get it: It is so important to be able to deliver a succinct and clear message. A confused mind tunes us out. Or, perhaps worse, a confused mind truncates our complicated message to something we don’t even recognize. Yikes!

A clear message and way of being introduced are important not just for being on TV. It is important when we talk with

  • Potential customers
  • Potential referrers
  • Potential collaborators
  • Potential investors

What is between us and all that potential? A succinct message. And guess what? For most people, that is hardest when it comes to describing themselves. That is true for me, too. I am great at helping others do this. It takes much more work (and help!) for me to come up with my own.

Here is My Attempt: Dr. Stephie on TV in 251 Words

Here is what I came up with for my hypothetical TV interview. Perhaps it will inspire you?

Please meet Dr. Stephie Althouse. She is the author of the best-selling book “You Are Brilliant! – How to Leverage Your Brilliance and Avoid Double Death.” She is the founder of The Brilliance Mine and creator of the Brilliance Extraction™ system. She also calls herself a “recovering Ph.D. Chemist” and has won coveted recognitions for her scientific work. {note: I’m editing that book right now. It is a result of the online course I’m launching at the moment.}

QUESTION: What do you call “brilliance” and what is Brilliance Extraction?

ANSWER: Brilliance is the unique combination of expertise, experience, and wisdom we all have.

  1. Our companies run on brilliance. Our non-profits do as well.
  2. So much of the brilliance is taken to the grave. That is what I call double-death.
  3. Most businesses don’t leverage the brilliance of their people properly.
  4. That is where Brilliance Extraction™ comes in. It is a system to pull brilliance out of someone’s head. It makes invisible brilliance into a visible, tangible, and permanent asset.

QUESTION: What are the main benefits?

ANSWER: If I had to say it in three words, I would say: Impact, freedom, and legacy.

  1. When you are effective at passing on your brilliance systematically and repeatedly, you can grow and scale up – you increase your impact. Of course, you also earn more, much more.
  2. You will also increase your freedom.
  3. You can delegate things you couldn’t dare to delegate before. And you get the opportunity to leave a legacy. People can continue and build on what you build. It gets to stay beyond your involvement. You get to leave the trail better than you found it.

By the way, this whole imagined interview is about 250 words in length. People who know me, know that is stunning. Only 250 words! Of course, it would be easy to add more questions. The challenge Robert gave me was to make it short and to focus only on the essentials. Besides, a long interview would break the rules of the Brilliance Nuggets having to be short. LOL.

I’m Curious

What would YOUR short TV interview look like? Or maybe you have done one already? (I have been on radio and podcasts so far.) Please share it with me. This is a challenge worth taking on?!

Stephie Althouse

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