A Story: How Planet "Brillonia" Got Started

A Story: How Planet “Brillonia” Got Started

Over the past 125 days, my daily writing has brought me back to my writing days in high school. I was a prolific writer, producing articles about all kinds of topics. I also wrote some short stories like “How Planet “Brillonia” Got Started”.

I got to thinking that some of the things I’d like to write about would work better in a remote setting. They are two reasons:

  • Often we are too close to something (or someone) to see what is going on with the level of clarity one would like. 
  • Many things I could write about are confidential. I have to change enough details so that one can’t identify the source of the story. 

Thus, meet a new planet.

How Brillonia’s Civilization Got Started

The planet sits deep in the universe and carries the enticing name “Brillonia.” It has many of the same features as our beloved Earth. It is roughly the same size. Its atmosphere is protective and has temperature and weather patterns similar to Earth. It supports life. There are many different plants and animals – and perhaps you guessed it – there are humans.

Around 2500 A.D., advanced spaceships took off from Earth to begin a new civilization on Brillonia. Top researchers had studied Brillonia from afar. Much research had gone into selecting the planet as the home for a second human civilization. The building of the population began with sending a pioneering spaceship. Then more spaceships followed and brought more humans, plants, and animals to Brillonia. 

The civilization’s founders thought long and hard about its design. How did they want to live? Which guiding rules and values did they want as their foundation?

Brillonia’s founders felt strongly that they wanted to carry forth what humans had learned during their history. They would carry forth the best insights, practices, and standards. 

A critical decision was: Let’s ensure we make the most out of the populations’ Brilliance. They defined “Brilliance” as the unique combination of knowledge, expertise, and wisdom. Each person has this type of Brilliance. Brilliance is the fuel that drives businesses and all kinds of organizations. It was their most precious resource.

The founders set the standard that Brilliance needs to be protected and passed on effectively. This decision was so important to them that they named the planet “Brillonia.” On Earth, they had seen too much Brilliance go to waste. Much of it ended up on cemeteries around the globe. 

To be continued…. (provided you like the setup – I’d love to hear your feedback, please! Thank you!)

I’m Curious

  • How do you like the idea of Brillonia?
  • What do you think should be part of Brillonia’s game plan?

Dr. Stephie

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Stephie Althouse

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