Love Your Life Even More With A Fun Meter

Love Your Life Even More With A Fun Meter

A few years ago, I played golf with a dear friend of mine and check in on the fun meter. To say that his golfing skills are much higher than mine is an understatement. If it weren’t for our friendship and our love for contemplating exciting topics, he would not play golf with someone at my skill level. 

He suggested we periodically check in on the “fun meter” rather than focus on counting the number of my strokes. Great idea!

We defined our fun meter on a scale of 1-10. “10” meant you are feeling elated and fabulous! “1” meant you are feeling angry, depressed, mad … you get the idea.

Off we went to play. Sometimes, my progress was too slow, and I picked up my ball to make sure golfers following us didn’t have to wait too long. 

Golf is an interesting game. It takes much skill – there is more to it. Your mindset matters a lot. Often, being relaxed and letting your body do its thing is better than getting very determined. Determination to perform in my golf game causes me to tense up, miss, get frustrated, and then tense up more. It can be a vicious downward spiral.

However, on that particular day, due to my friend’s generous attitude and the use of our fun meter, I never got too far down that spiral. I enjoyed his company had a great time being outdoors and talking with him. I also hit a golf ball (or several) many times.

My friend would ask me once in a while, “Where is your fun meter at?”. Just the question alone made a difference. I stopped and looked inside myself. Where is my fun meter at? I might have started to feel a little frustrated because my drive was short or off in the wrong direction. Or I might have messed up a putt. But the question made me realize, “Wait, it is just a game – we ‘re here to have fun!” So, a “6” became a “9” at that instant.

The Key Takeaway

We invent the game we play in life. Yes, most people want to do well. Getting down on yourself does not raise your performance. It just causes you to have a bad day. You don’t perform well, and you feel bad. It is not a good deal.

Instead, a fun meter can remind you of an essential key ingredient of your life: Having fun! Yes, of course, not everything is fun, and sometimes we have to buckle down and get something done, like it or not. But if we live too much of our life that way, then we are missing out!

Embrace your fun meter!

I’m Curious

Where could you use a fun meter?

Dr. Stephie

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Stephie Althouse

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