Create A Growth Mindset And B.A.G.E.L.S. Yourself

Create A Growth Mindset And B.A.G.E.L.S. Yourself To Success!

Sometimes you do something that makes a real difference in your business and life. One of those things for me was/is to participate in the Sandler Foundations sales training with the capable and charismatic trainer, Tiffany Koettel. As I’ve said before, scientists (and most other professions) don’t get training in sales as part of their professional training. As a “recovering” Ph.D. chemist, I assure you that I did not get that training in Graduate school.

Tiffany showed us the B.A.G.E.L.S. approach as we discussed how to increase our success. I loved it! What a great way to reflect daily just for a few minutes. 

I asked her whether I could share this method with you. Not only did she say “yes, but” she also made a brief video just for you (and me). Wow, thank you! Check out her video or take a look at this summary.

What B.A.G.E.L.S. Stands For

Here is the essence (this was designed for sales, but it applies equally to all areas you are working on):
Start your day with B.A.G.E.L.S. 
It is an acronym that describes six daily success tactics.

Behaviors: Write down specific activities or actions you are committed to completing. These are based on your short and long-term goals.

Affirmations: Consider what beliefs you need to adopt to complete those actions. Affirmations can be simple or complex – experiment with what works best for you.

Goals: Write down your goals for today. Goals are different from behaviors because they are specific achievements, rather than the actions you must take to achieve them. In other words, your behavior must match your goals.

Evaluation: Look at your actions from the day before and determine the achievements and failures you encountered. This step is a way of tracking your progress towards ultimate success (not a method to beat yourself up).

Lessons Learned: How will the lessons you learned from the previous day influence your behaviors and goals for the next day? Which valuable insights can you take away from them?

Successes: Wrap up your daily reflection by gauging the level of accomplishment so far. See what you think is next.

Imagine doing this BAGEL exercise daily. It could take only a few minutes and will make a huge difference!

I’m Curious

Are you up for giving this a try?

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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