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It’s All Robert’s “Fault”

Today, I had the pleasure to give a 3-minute talk about how the Brilliance Nugget journey came into being – it is all Robert’s “fault” – and what lessons I have learned from it (so far).


At Toastmasters Southlake, 4/4/2022, recorded by Jason Gass (thank you!):

Good morning. It was a fine day early in September last year when my friend Robert, who helps me with my business in marketing – we’re very close to each other – said to me, “Stephie if you write one short blog every day for one year, you will not recognize your business!”

I said, “You’ve got to be kidding!” One blog per day. Let’s stop right there. For a year!

On a lucky month, I would write one blog a week, and it was not short.

But it turned into an amazing journey. And because I have so awfully little time (3 1/2 minutes tops), I have to use this acronym here. I will also make it more memorable to recall the things that I’ve learned about blogging. 

The acronym is S.P.O.S.I.:

S – Short

P – (No) perfectionism

O – Observe

S – Support

I – Impact

You see, the blogs need to be short if you’re going to do it daily. Short is not necessarily easier, but it definitely is more engaging.

It’s also challenging to say something meaningful in a short blog, but the second thing you have to do is give up perfectionism – but for this German girl, that’s dang hard! However, after practicing day after day – I’m on day 207 today – you get better!

You observe your thoughts because all y’all the experience and wisdom in your brain, you can’t always access all of it because a lot of it is you’re subconsciously competent at. Something has to happen to trigger it, to bring it to the surface

And you know what, these, what I call brilliance nuggets, they’re slippery. They slidder off into the night, and therefore, we need to pounce on them, capture them right then and there and write them down.

For that, you definitely, need support. You can’t do this by yourself and then say, “Ah, I’m going to do it.” Then you get sick. A holiday comes, or something happens – whatever. It all goes under the rug; the good intentions. Therefore, I declared it to the world – or at least to the people on my list, my friends, and anybody who puts up with it. 

That brings me to impact. You need to nuggetize your brilliance, please, because, otherwise, you will not create the impact you deserve, and you will take it to the graveyard. Please don’t do that. 

Please come and talk to me, sign up for the brilliance nuggets and support me and join me in nuggetizing your brilliance.

I’m Curious

Who do you know who needs to hear this message? (Thank you for sharing it!)

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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