Productize, Show It At A Glance, Old School Advantages & More

Treasure Tuesday #8: Productize, Show It At A Glance, Old School Advantages, Goals, and Faith

Greetings! Here is your new edition of “Treasure Tuesday” with five quick and hopefully inspiring nuggets that includes how productize impacts your business.

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This week’s Treasure Tuesday In A Nutshell:

Gratifying Brilliance Extracted This Week

This week I’m giving you a quick peek into a discussion I had about productizing a high-end custom solution that serves a few clients at very high dollar amounts. Is it possible to create a lower-end, easy-to-use, off-the-shelf product that serves a much broader market, thereby raising the valuation of the company manyfold?

Enlightening Visual

The visual this week is a one=pager that shows what a learner can expect from taking PTI‘s course on entrepreneurship which is part of a bigger “Octopus” portal. The goal is to give information at a glance which will trigger the desire to learn more.

Inspiring Book of The Week

The inspiring book of the week is by J.N. Whidden, “The Old School Advantage.” Everyone should read this book. It covers old-school wisdom in a number of different areas, from remembering things, choosing powerful words, influencing (with integrity), reasoning, storytelling (so people can remember and retell ii!), impressing, leading, and learning. As I said, I highly recommend this book to all of you!

Bold Idea Implemented

The bold idea I implemented this week was to think about and write down what else you want to accomplish (or experience!) this year. I invite you to include all areas of your life, not just professional ones.

A quick tip on that: Please don’t overgoal yourself (I’m prone to that myself). Stretch goals are good; creating overwhelm or anxiety by pursuing too much is neither productive nor good for you.

The Surprise

As Bruce Carter from PTI put it so well in one of his lessons on entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship builds character. We go through ups and downs. It is inevitable. We build some toughness and resilience from those experiences. But we are also building faith. Faith that we can do our mission successfully and that things will work out.

I’m Curious: Which Treasure Is The Most Valuable For You This Week?

Please remember each step forward is enough. One little step is way better than none. The sum of all tiny steps taken consistently is utterly unstoppable. Okay. See you next week. Cheers.

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

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