High-Definition SEO, Your Second Brain, Testing New Beliefs

Treasure Tuesday #5: High-Definition SEO, Your Second Brain, Testing New Beliefs

Greetings! Here is your weekly edition of “Treasure Tuesday” with five quick and hopefully inspiring nuggets including High-Definition SEO.

There are three ways you can enjoy this content:

  1. Most Complete: Watch the interactive video I made with Prezi (below)
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  3. See the short notes below (they might cause you to look more closely at either #1 or #2)

This week’s Treasure Tuesday In A Nutshell:

Gratifying Brilliance Extracted This Week

This week I’m featuring P5Marketing, an amazing digital company specializing in growing cosmetic surgical practices.

When we started working together, the company’s niche was not defined. That is such a common challenge! What’s more, their incredible experience and wisdom were inside the owner’s brains. This is also very common.

The first step in our work together was to extract some of their brilliance and present it concisely and visually in a few eBooks.

The result: Their company tripled its revenue – because prospects could see it quickly and could say “yes” to working with P5 Marketing.

Enlightening Visual

Next, we began to refine the focus of the company. Over time two things became clear:

  • The company has an unusual depth of capability in the area of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We have come to call it “high-definition SEO” to distinguish it from “regular” SEO. The visual of the week shows that capability at a glance. – By the way, there is an analogy here. P5 Marketing had started to work with a world-leading expert in “high-definition liposuction.” High-def liposuction is resculpting the body rather than just removing unwanted pouches of fat. The results are way better than those of regular liposuction surgeries.
  • This brings me to the second change: P5 Marketing has found its niche. Their website leads with this question, “Ready to Grow Your Cosmetic Surgical Practice?” Do they still work with a few clients outside of the niche? Yes, but not many, and only if you ask nicely. 🙂

Inspiring Book of The Week

The inspiring book of the week is “Building a second brain” by Tiago Forte. Our brains are much better at creating – and much less good at recalling information. The book is about setting up a Personal Knowlegement Management (PKM) system, which involves CODE (that stands for Capture, Organize, Distill, Express).

Building a second brain using the Notion App has revolutionized the way I create and work! I have incorporated this approach into my work.

Consider this: The more of your ideas and knowledge you capture while you are aware of them, the less you will need to extract them later. Part of what makes transferring the “stuff” in your head to the heads of others challenging is the fact that you are no longer consciously aware of a good bit of the brilliance you use to create the results you are getting.

Bold Idea Implemented

The bold idea I implemented this week was to test a new belief (see Treasure Tuesday #4, where I talk about the fact that you can test a belief and see how well it is working for you – even if you don’t currently believe that belief).

The belief I tested is: “I love being proactive, and I ask myself, ‘What is the highest use of my time now?'” The shift for me was to be proactive in ALL areas – even with tasks I like to push off (such as certain types of paperwork, for example). You could say, outsource those things. Sure, but some things you can’t outsource, and they still need to get done.

What happened as a result?

The Surprise

The results were stunning! I got great results and felt a great amount of relief. Things that had been on the backburner or had sat on my task list for too long got done. I embrace this belief more now because of it. And that is precisely the point of testing new beliefs. Experience the change in feeling, action, and result (!) – and form a new empowering belief in the process.

I’m Curious

That brings me to the question I always ask. Which Treasure did you get from this Treasure Tuesday? Perhaps you are inspired to do some Brilliance Mining yourself. That doesn’t have to involve my help, but I’m hoping to inspire you. I invite you to start thinking about what you can do with the expertise, experience, and wisdom you have in your organization. It’s trapped in someone’s brain.

Perhaps you are inspired to create some visuals, so start with one. You can even draw it by hand. It doesn’t matter. The thinking behind the visual is the most important part. Then you can give it to someone else to make it prettier if you like. 

Please remember each step forward is enough. One little step is way better than none. The sum of all tiny steps taken consistently is utterly unstoppable. Okay. See you next week. Cheers.

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

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