If You Have A Complaint …

Our Cross Timbers Rotary Club in Flower Mound, TX, hosts great speakers, many of whom are leaders in the community.

Yesterday, we were inspired by State Trooper Germaine Gaspard (also CEO of Good Life Living Group). He spoke about the importance of character and recruiting virtuous men and women into law enforcement. There is a real shortage of people wanting to join law enforcement

Mr. Gaspard said many impactful things. One of them was this:

“If you have a complaint, take responsibility!”

His Grandfather told him this many years ago – and it was a big part of why he joined law enforcement. Thank you for what you do, and how much heart and character you bring to the job.

I’m Curious

Where do you have complaints? How could you take responsibility?

Stephie Althouse

2 thoughts on “If You Have A Complaint …”

  1. Jacquelyn Martin

    My comment is not quite what you asked for, but since your nugget was about law enforcement. . .
    As a police chaplain, I can attest to the shortage of law enforcement officials. They have a tough job on a good day and deserve all the respect we can give them. I realize there are a few out there who are less than stellar, but the overwhelming majority of our law enforcement personnel are amazing, brave and upstanding individuals.

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