Discover Your Hidden Brilliance: An Insight From The Outsight

Discover Your Hidden Brilliance: An Insight From The Outsight

 “It is impossible to fully see and discover your hidden brilliance. It is much easier to see and appreciate someone else’s.”

To what extent of you believe this statement? 

I don’t have ‘brilliance.’ What I know is good – but lots of people know that. It is not special.

I hear that comment from many people. Smart, knowledgeable people who have a lot to give to others. In other words, YOU!

Even though I hear this response a lot, it is definitely not true. 

As I say in my “Declaration of Brilliance,” “Never assume that your knowledge is “nothing” or that others know it anyway. Your knowledge is brilliant! Even if you can’t’ patent, trademark, or copyright it – your brilliance is remarkable, even critical.”

Discover Your Hidden Brilliance

I invite you to discover your hidden brilliance. Your most precious asset is your brilliance. In businesses, non-profits, or other organizations, we might call it “critical human knowledge.”

  • It is the most valuable but the most unprotected asset we have in business and all other organizations.
  • It WILL go to waste sooner rather than later if you do not pass it on effectively.

What Are The Results (When You Don’t)?

#1 You Lose Money (Heaps Of It)


  • You can’t expand rapidly
  • You can’t hire and train quickly enough
  • Your processes are not efficient and consistent
  • You don’t stay at the cutting edge
  • You tarnish your reputation when you delegate in risky ways
  • You risk burn-out because you don’t know how to delegate in a safe manner
  • You lose knowledge you can’t replace

#2 You Lose Impact

There is no way you can optimally amplify the impact of your brilliance without the leverage of a well-designed system. Such a system can take all kinds of forms. It can be a book, a course, checklists, process maps, and these are only some of the examples.

#3 You Lose Your Chance To Build A Legacy

Whatever knowledge and wisdom you have in your brain – and only in your brain or in places no one else can make enough sense of, will go with you. There is too much brilliance in cemeteries.

Enough already! Let’s do something about this.

I am inviting you to my 60-minute webinar, which will be tomorrow at noon Central time. Register or shoot me a comment. If you can’t come but want the recording, please let me know.

What Results Can YOU Get?

I invite you to find out what others have accomplished with their brilliance. They, too, thought that it is was “nothing” or, at least, much less than it turned out to be. Their stories will blow your socks off – and I hope that they will inspire you.

The webinar is interactive. 🙂

I’m Curious

  • How is your challenge going (wake up with gratitude, do one “I should do it” task)?
  • Will you join me for the webinar?

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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