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Beyond Brainstorming: Powerfully Grow and Scale Your Business with Brilliance Mining™ (Sneak Peek)

In this Treasure Tuesday,  I am giving you a sneak peek at my new mini-course, “Beyond Brainstorming: Powerfully Grow and Scale Your Business with Brilliance Mining.” You will love this course! Each lesson is short and sweet, and to the point. I will make the first portion of the course (the introduction) available for free in the coming days. 


In the course, I teach “Brilliance Mining,” which is my proven method for effective knowledge transfer that many businesses have by now used. I give a quick overview of what Brilliance Mining is in lesson 1.

The second lesson answers the question, “Why do Brilliance Mining?”

In short, 

  • it is a powerful tool for knowledge management, ensuring knowledge stays within an organization. 
  • It also helps with work-life balance and 
  • growing and scaling a business, 
  • as well as creating business options for the long run. 

Another lesson talks about who uses Brilliance Mining. It was interesting to put together that lesson because it got me thinking more about what the various people I have worked with thus far have in common. 

Here is what I discovered:

Brilliance Mining is used for effective knowledge transfer by two groups of people:

  1. Successful, driven business owners (that is the largest group)
  2. Founders of nonprofits

People in both groups realize that what they have started is meaningful and must be grown and continued.

People Who Use Brilliance Mining

  • Are successful and innovative
  • Have unique knowledge – usually do not know how much unique knowledge they have, but they have at least a glimpse of the fact that, yes, there is knowledge that other people need, and they need to do something to pass that on
  • Want to protect those they love by giving them what they need to succeed when they are not around

Another short lesson touches on what happens if one does not do Brilliance Mining. Check out the course to find out – I will let you know when it is available. 

In the fifth mini-lesson, I cover the three steps of Brilliance Mining: mapping your brilliance, replication, and putting the systems into motion.

  • Brilliance Mining is a quick and painless way to extract knowledge from one’s brain – it is even fun. 
  • Clients have found that they have more knowledge in their brains than they realized, and there’s more knowledge “trapped” in their team members’ brains, too.
  • I always recommend putting the knowledge transfer systems into motion as quickly as possible, even if there are not yet “perfect.” These systems (videos, write-ups, training portals, checklists, manuals) are “living and breathing” and will never be “perfect.” Instead, you will augment them continuously as you learn more.

Five Takeaways From The Discussion 

  1. The Brilliance Mining mini-course is coming out, and you can access the introduction with five mini-lessons for free. Check back at or email me at, and I will alert you when it is ready.
  2. There are two types of knowledge: conscious and unconscious. Brilliance Mining especially solves the problem of passing on unconscious knowledge. 
  3. There is a mapping process to discover the treasures in your brain. 
  4. The Brilliance Extraction™ process is quick, fun, and, yes, painless.
  5. When you put the resulting knowledge transfer systems into motion, they will make more money, create more impact, and get their life back.

I’m Curious

Are you excited to see the course? Drop me a note. I always love to hear from you!

Live brilliantly,

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this Treasure Tuesday with others. Thank you!

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