The Brilliance Mine

You Are More Brilliant Than You Realize!

Leverage and Future-Proof Your Unique Expertise, Knowledge, and Wisdom

The Brilliance Mining System™ ensures:

  • Your critical knowledge is never lost and becomes immortal
  • It is available to grow and scale up your business - you get lots of leverage!
  • You are building up your business' value
  • You have the option to get away to go on vacation or think of new ideas
  • You have an excellent exit strategy - your business becomes sellable when it might not be right now
  • You can share your expertise online with your team, prospective or exciting customers, collaborators, or paying learners

Brilliance Assessment

  • What is your brilliance?
  • Where is it a risk of being lost?
  • What keeps you from having the freedom to put your time to its highest use?
Exceeded our expectations!

“Thank you for your strategic guidance and the “Fresh Eyes Assessment".  Through your leadership, and in a short time, we exceeded our expectations in revenue and profitability, and Giroux Glass has emerged as a stronger, independent employee ownership managed company.”

Brilliance Mapping™

With Brilliance Mapping™, we go more into depth with three key questions. With these questions, we make sure that you aim your Brilliance Mining™ efforts on the most important areas to you.

Working with you has changed my life!

“Working with you [using Brilliance Extraction™] has changed my life! My invention is now available in major box stores. My lifelong dream and vision to create a “Theory of Everything” is becoming a reality. I can’t thank you enough – this would not have happened with your skillful and caring guidance!”

Don Berg, Boeing Technical Fellow, Pioneer of Stealth


Brilliance Extraction™

Now that you know which brilliance you have in your brain - and in the brains of your team members - it is time to capture that brilliance. It is fun because you will discover just how much you know. It has a high payoff because you will do so much more with it.

Brilliance Extraction™ will not tie up too much of your time. The cool thing is we can even capture critical knowledge you have forgotten that you have.

Tiffany Koettel
I can now scale faster and avoid hurdles with proceesses!

“It was really good! You helped me recognize that I need more process orientationHaving you help me navigate that was great. I think I'm will be able to avoid some of the hurdles with processes others in my industry face and scale my business faster as a result. Thank you!"

Tiffany Koettel, President, Growth Mindset Sales, LLC /SalesMastery Consultants Inc.

Brilliance Replication™

Next, we put your captured brilliance to work via checklists, process maps, videos, courses, training portals, books, manuals, and more.

Our method ensures you create more impact and revenue quickly. It is a lot like ghostwriting with a professional Brilliance Extractor - but not just for books!

"Dr. Stephie excelled in her coaching for my consulting/coaching business. We went from the start to the roll-out to the pricing. She is a great encourager and full of wisdom, and has exceeded my expectations. I had my first contracts in hand within less than three months! I couldn't be happier.” 

Tim Walker, Coach to Lead Pastors

Tim Walker

Brilliance Thinking Partner™

As a Thinking Partner, we are the glue that makes the Brilliance Mining™ System so successful. We bring Fresh Eyes, a time-saving process, accountability, support, encouragement, and business acumen.

Irene Donnell
We Tripled Our Revenue!

"I participated in two of Dr. Stephie’s coaching programs. When I did the first program two years ago, my partner and I were trying to grow our marketing agency but we were stuck. Over the last two years, we have tripled our business revenue and at the same time, we have grown our team.

Dr. Stephie made sure our plan provided for work/life balance. We scaled without most of the growing pains so many small businesses have. I am in the second coaching program now because we are ready to refine our offering and productize some of what we do so well. In other words, we are ready to grow again!"

Irene Donnell, Partner, P5 Marketing