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Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Business - Automating Over a Third of Tasks

Stay competitive with a two-pronged approach:

→ Use AI tools wisely

Most importantly, double down on your “secret sauce” - your unique expertise & IP!

Your Mind Holds Immense Untapped Value

Like a goldmine, the knowledge and experience you carry in your brain can transform your business when extracted effectively.

First, understand the immense ROI.

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Our exclusive process generates tremendous ROI

  • Growth in revenues
  • Reduction of employee turnover
  • Rapid scaling with far less risk
  • Increased work-life balance
  • Increase in the valuation of the company,
  • Making your business/organization easy to transfer/sell

That is why we are so confident to offer a Happiness Guarantee. If you are not completely happy with our work together within the first 14 days, you get a full refund. It is that simple.

Meet Brilliance Mining™ – our battle-tested process to codify expertise enterprise-wide. This exclusive approach has exploded growth for companies across many knowledge-driven industries, from software development companies and staffing companies to experts developing alternative schools and many other areas.

We use AI to fast-track the process where appropriate - not to access public domain knowledge but to process rapidly the information we have gleaned from your brain (or the brains of key people in your organization).

Why is Rapid Knowledge Transfer Paramount For Your Success?

Knowledge Transfer question #2
Knowledge Transfer question #3
Knowledge Transfer question #4
Knowledge Transfer question #5
Knowledge transfer question #6
Knowledge transfer question #7
Why Brilliance Mining is worthwhile

Why Is Extracting Your Unique Knowledge URGENT?

There are four main reasons for urgency:

Compete With Unique Knowledge

Be Competitive

Compete with the knowledge that makes you unique. What makes you unique is now more important than ever because public domain knowledge is at everyone's fingertips and can be collated and put to use faster than ever.

Guard Your Knowledge

guard knowledge

Guard your unique knowledge and train fast at a reduced cost. Due to a massive retirement wave and much higher employee turnover rates, the "leaky" way of treating unique knowledge no longer works.

Leverage Your Knowledge

leverage knowledge

Leverage your unique knowledge, scale up, and sustain your legacy. Knowledge that is no longer "trapped" in someone's brain can be leveraged to scale up and create new business options.

Leverage Your Knowledge With AI

Your unique knowledge and artificial intelligence

Use AI tools wisely and powerfully. AI automating many tasks in every industry at an astounding pace. You can build proprietary AI tools with your unique knowledge, but you need to extract it first.

Brilliance Mining™ Is the Solution

Brilliance Mining™ effectively transfers your knowledge, even that which lies in your 'subconscious competence' - invaluable experience gained from years in your business.

Business owners often struggle to delegate because they do some tasks automatically and can't remember to teach ALL the necessary steps. Then things go wrong, and they conclude they must delegate less and do more.

Subconscious knowledge is normally impossible to pass on to others.

Brilliance Mining™ solves that issue and is a game-changer!

How Can We Help You

We're here to serve as your partners in harnessing the power of knowledge transfer and artificial intelligence. Here's how we can support you:

Brilliance Mining™ Training

Brilliance Mining Training

We'll guide you through the art and science of Brilliance Mining™, equipping you with the tools you need to unlock and harness your subconscious competence. Along the way, we'll provide as much or as little implementation support as you need.

Creating a Success Culture

Create a success culture of knowledge transfer

Together, we'll foster a culture in your company that values knowledge transfer and maximizing individual potential. We understand the fears that can arise when sharing unique knowledge, and we're here to help navigate those challenges.

AI Insights

AI insights

We'll keep you updated on the latest advancements in AI, preparing you to leverage these tools effectively and competitively.

Your unique knowledge is a goldmine waiting to be tapped, and we're here to help you extract its true value.

Are you ready to start exploring?

What We Provide

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer to team

Knowledge transfer means you effectively share the knowledge (including knowledge you use automatically) that is vital for your business or non-profit to assure the ability to grow and scale, ensure smooth succession/continuity, and find time to envision what is next.

Knowledge Management

knowledge management

Knowledge management means you have a plan and method for capturing, sharing, and protecting knowledge that is critical to your business' success. You are protected from the loss of knowledge when someone leaves.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence offers the opportunity for much enhanced productivity. It also creates the challenge to stay up-to-date and use these tools wisely. The potential to feed your own Brilliance into such tools means you need to extract it from your brain first.

Why It's Worth Doing

How To Scale A Business

How to scale a business

Scaling a business is not possible without effective knowledge sharing because you will run out of bandwidth! Knowledge "trapped" in your brain is dangerous because you work too much in the business and not enough on it.

Work Life Balance

work life balance

Could you scale up your business while increasing your work life balance (and that of your team)? Yes, with effective knowledge sharing, that is possible! Is your family on the back burner? Which other plans are you putting off?

New Business Options

business options

What will your business evolve into, and how might it become a legacy? Will you sell it or pass it on to family or employees? Is franchising your business an idea you are thinking about?  How important is philanthropy important to you?

What Clients Say

Exceeded our expectations!

“Thank you for your strategic guidance and the “Fresh Eyes Assessment".  Through your leadership, and in a short time, we exceeded our expectations in revenue and profitability, and Giroux Glass has emerged as a stronger, independent employee ownership managed company.”

It is unique - the possibilities are stunning!

“The Brilliance Mining™ System is unique. It taps into the organization's innate wisdom and utilizes it in ways I have never seen before. It collects many years of experience and makes it usable and transferrable. The possibilities from that are stunning!" 

Grant Vergottini, CEO, Xcential Corporation

Grant Vergottini
Irene Donnell
We Tripled Our Revenue!

"Over the last two years, we have tripled our business revenue, and at the same time, we have grown our team.

Dr. Stephie made sure our plan provided for work/life balance. We scaled without most of the growing pains so many small businesses have."

Irene Donnell, Partner, P5 Marketing

Working with you has changed my life!

“Working with you [using Brilliance Extraction™] has changed my life! My invention is now available in major box stores. My lifelong dream and vision to create a “Theory of Everything” is becoming a reality. I can’t thank you enough – this would not have happened with your skillful and caring guidance!”

Don Berg, Boeing Technical Fellow, Pioneer of Stealth

Tiffany Koettel
I can now scale faster and avoid hurdles with proceesses!

“It was really good! You helped me recognize that I need more process orientationHaving you help me navigate that was great. I think I'm will be able to avoid some of the hurdles with processes others in my industry face and scale my business faster as a result. Thank you!"

Tiffany Koettel, President, Growth Mindset Sales, LLC /SalesMastery Consultants Inc.

"Dr. Stephie excelled in her coaching for my consulting/coaching business. We went from the start to the roll-out to the pricing. She is a great encourager and full of wisdom, and has exceeded my expectations. I had my first contracts in hand within less than three months! I couldn't be happier.” 

Tim Walker, Coach to Lead Pastors

Tim Walker

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your plans to scale your business beyond where you are today?
  • Do you have knowledge “trapped” in your brain? Team members need you for tasks that are mundane to you.
  • How much knowledge has left your company when team members leave?
  • Do you want to improve your work life balance?
    • Do you want business success and also pursue interests outside of your business?
    • You want to spend more time with your family, travel more, pursue hobbies, or work on new innovations.
  • Are you thinking about what will become of your business in the future? Is it important to you to leave a legacy, i.e., your business lives on beyond your involvement?
    • Are you thinking about
      • Passing it on to your family, or
      • Selling to employees or
      • Selling to a third party?
    • Are you considering franchising your business?
  • Of course, the benefits your business can give you and your family matter. Are you also thinking about how you can contribute more to others in the community, locally or globally? Acting in a philanthropic manner is important to you.

We understand what you're going through. It is our mission to transform business via Brilliance Mining; a proven method to transfer your knowledge effectively. That includes the transfer of subconscious knowledge you don't even remember you have.

You have "Brilliance" in Your Brain

  • Stems from years of experience
  • Spans multiple areas
  • Much of your brilliance is undocumented and exists only in your brain (and the brains of team members)
  • A lot of your Brilliance is subconscious to you (you use it automatically)

Your Brilliance is at Risk

  • How much of it is lost when someone leaves?
  • What if that someone is you?

Your Brilliance is Wasted

  • No leverage
  • Much lower revenues
  • Little to no work-life balance.

Your Business is at Risk

You have to dish out your expertise continually. Thus, you don't have the time to keep up with all the changes and envision what is next!

Your Retirement and Legacy is at Risk

  • Limited retirement options
  • Lower sales price
  • Stay on for 1-2 years after the sale as an employee
  • Worst case scenario: You cannot sell and shut it down.

Your Brilliance is not Ready for AI

To leverage your unique knowledge via AI, you must first extract it from your brain.

Consider these 10 facts (see also the infographics up above):

  1. You hold unique knowledge in your brain
  2. Your Brilliance comes from many years of working in what you do
  3. Your unique knowledge ("Brilliance") involves multiple areas; for example,
    • Software development and the area you serve (e.g., legislative drafting)
    • Robotics (which is interdisciplinary) and warehousing/lawn mowing/landmine detection or ...
    • Staffing in the electrical installation industry which involves staffing and knowledge about that industry
    • Coaching life and business and skills and understanding young men who have grown up in deeply traumatic situations and don't value their own life
    • Cosmetic surgery and understanding the underlying medical reasons for diabetes and what one can do to beat this disease
  4. Much of your unique knowledge cannot be looked up anywhere. It is in your brain. Some of it is in the brains of your team members. It is not systematically documented.
  5. Your Brilliance is at risk of being lost when someone leaves.
  6. Without proper transfer mechanisms, your Brilliance is vastly underutilized.
  7. If your business's uniqueness relies too heavily on the knowledge that exists only in your brain, it will impact its saleability.
  8. Your unique knowledge makes you feel good and secure because you are in high demand from team members and clients/customers alike. The downside is you have little time for rest, fun - or learning and thinking about what is next!
  9. The feeling of security is an illusion - You MUST leverage what you uniquely know so you have time to stay at the cutting edge, which involves AI.
  10. You cannot properly leverage the power of AI tools if your unique knowledge is not extracted from your brain (and that of team members).

Effective knowledge transfer must include the transfer of “subconscious competence.”

This kind of knowledge comes from many years of working in your business. It is not textbook knowledge. Instead, deep and unique (tacit) knowledge allows you to accomplish tasks and master situations easily and automatically. However, it is difficult for you to recall all of what you know unless a situation comes up where you need that knowledge.

Typically, business owners attempt to impart their knowledge to their teams. The problem is they cannot think of all the steps involved in the process because some of them are automatic.

When they discover missing steps later on, they often say, "Does everyone know that?" The answer is "no"; most people do not know that. You have unique knowledge that stems from years of specific experience. Your unique knowledge is often related to working at the interface of several disciplines, such as

  • Software development and the field of application (for example, drafting of legislative documents)
  • Architecture and engineering in specific markets
  • The staffing industry and the low-voltage installations (fire alarms, networks, etc.)
  • Cooking fine-dining-worthy meals and building a business around making those meals available for people to eat at home
  • Coaching skills and a deep understanding of the troubles of young people who grew up under troubled and poor circumstances
  • Being a medical doctor and a Christian, and having built a children’s home, preschool, and K-12 academy in Africa to end generational poverty and systematic corruption

What unique knowledge do you have? Don't underestimate yourself.

Subconscious knowledge is normally impossible to pass on to others; however, with Brilliance Mining, it can be passed on!

Knowledge management is a vital process for any modern, successful organization.

Brilliance Mining is an effective knowledge management system that helps organizations develop a successful knowledge transfer strategy. By identifying critical knowledge, providing effective tools for knowledge transfer, and encouraging a culture of knowledge sharing, Brilliance Mining helps organizations stay ahead of the competition. It ensures that valuable knowledge is not lost when employees leave. With its range of security features and integrations, Brilliance Mining is the ultimate solution for any organization looking to build a modern, effective knowledge management system.

There are many benefits to using Brilliance Mining in your organization. 

  1. Brilliance Mining reduces the business's dependence on the owner by pulling knowledge out of the business owner's brain and documenting it. That way, the business can operate effectively even when the owner is unavailable. Furthermore, by reducing the owner's workload, Brilliance Mining also allows them to spend more time on strategic activities, such as planning for the future of the business or exploring new growth opportunities.
  2. Brilliance Mining leads to more time freedom for the owner.
  3. Brilliance Mining helps ensure that the business is positioned for long-term success, whether passing it on to a family member, employees, or third party or considering franchising. Knowledge transfer via Brilliance Mining ensures that the knowledge and expertise built over time are preserved in the transition. 
  4. Brilliance Mining helps to ensure that the knowledge of expert employees is captured and shared before they leave the company. Protecting knowledge is critical because losing an experienced employee can leave a knowledge gap that is difficult to fill. Brilliance Mining allows companies to identify these employees' critical knowledge and then capture and store it in a centralized knowledge management system. This way, the knowledge is not lost when the employee leaves but can be accessed by other employees, ensuring that it is not a risk to the company.
  5. Another benefit of brilliance mining is that it helps organizations transfer knowledge more effectively between employees. The platform offers a range of tools and processes to support knowledge transfer, such as training videos, graphics, checklists, summarizing bullets, and much more, to help new employees understand complex tasks or processes. By offering a range of solutions to suit the individual needs of team members, Brilliance Mining makes it easier for organizations to transfer knowledge quickly and efficiently.
  6. Brilliance mining is also an excellent way to build a culture of knowledge sharing within your organization. By providing a platform that encourages employees to share their expertise with others, organizations can create an environment where knowledge sharing is seen as an essential part of the job. This culture of knowledge sharing can help organizations stay ahead of their competitors by ensuring that new ideas and solutions are quickly disseminated across the team rather than being siloed in individual departments.
  7. When we use Brilliance Mining to capture your processes, you will see streamlining and process improvements. We make processes held in their brain visible, and opportunities to make these processes even better emerge.
  8. Systems built via Brilliance Mining help you track your team members' training status. You can even make it fun and give them training badges.
  9. Brilliance Mining offers excellent security features to ensure sensitive information is stored securely. The platform offers controlled access to critical information, allowing team members to access the right information at the right time while ensuring that sensitive information is only seen by those who need it. 

Scaling a business is no easy feat, but Brilliance Mining makes it possible, much faster, and far less costly. Here is how Brilliance Mining helps you scale your business:

  1. Scalable Processes: Scalable processes are essential for a business that wants to grow. Brilliance Mining can help you develop and implement processes that can be scaled to foster growth and help you stay ahead of the competition.
  2. Innovation: Brilliance Mining gives you more time to work on innovation because you will be far less busy working in the business. That way, you can stay at the competitive edge.
  3. Talent Acquisition and Retention: Scaling a business requires a talented and dedicated team. Brilliance Mining can help you attract people with the right mindset and talents, which is crucial to achieving your business goals. Moreover, they are much more likely to stay when you onboard them correctly! Impress them from the start and stand out from your competition.
  4. Customer Engagement: Brilliance Mining can help you develop a customer engagement strategy that delivers value, builds trust, and fosters long-term relationships. Moreover, you can accomplish this at a lower-than-normal cost.
  5. Partnerships: Partnerships are often an essential aspect of scaling a business. Brilliance Mining can help you educate potential partners and build trusted partnerships that can help you expand your reach, enhance your products or services, and drive growth.
  6. Technology: Technology plays a crucial role in scaling a business. Brilliance Mining can help you leverage the latest knowledge-sharing technologies to streamline training and operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.
  7. Prevent burnout: Scaling a business often causes the business owner and his team to work very long hours. Over time, such a workload can lead to burnout and to people leaving your company. With Brilliance Mining™, you can prevent burnout which is a common challenge.

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How To Create New Business Options With Brilliance Mining

As a business owner, it is important to think about your company's future and how you want it to evolve. With Brilliance Mining, you can create new business options. For example:

  1. Passing your business on to family members or employees. This option can be a great way to ensure your legacy continues and your company remains in good hands. By setting up a succession plan, influence your business's future and ensure that your family members or employees are well prepared to take over when the time comes.
  2. Franchising your business. Franchising leads to expansion into new markets without the same risk and investment as opening new locations yourself. By partnering with franchisees who have a vested interest in the success of your brand, you can further grow your business and increase your revenue streams.
  3. Sell your business to a third party. For many business owners, their business is the biggest asset. Your company's valuation - and hence the money you will get from your hard work - depends on you being "best in class." Making the business attractive for sale is not trivial (over 85% of businesses never sell). Documenting your processes and creating great training around them is paramount for making your business sellable and having a lucrative exit. Besides, most business owners do not like the idea of working under a new owner's leadership to transition knowledge after the sale (to put it mildly, it feels "weird" to suddenly be an employee in what used to be your business).
  4. Philanthropy is another important consideration regarding the future of your business. You can create a legacy beyond your business by giving back to the community and supporting causes aligning with your values. Whether through charitable donations, volunteer work, or other initiatives, your business can positively impact the world around you.
  5. Staying open to new ideas and opportunities for growth. With the help of Brilliance Mining, you can stay on the cutting edge of industry trends and explore new business models that may be a good fit for your company. Whether you're looking to expand your product offerings, enter new markets, or explore new revenue streams, there are always new possibilities to consider.

Ultimately, the key to creating new business options with Brilliance Mining is to stay focused on your goals and open to new ideas. By keeping an eye on the big picture and staying agile in the face of change, you can position your company for long-term success and create a legacy that lasts for generations to come.

You Have More Knowledge Than You Realize!

Remember, "brilliance" is the term we use to describe the sum of knowledge, expertise, experience, and wisdom you have. It is critical for your business to operate.

You are aware of some of what you know.

But some of your brilliance is buried in your subconscious mind (it is more than you think). And therein lies both the trap and the opportunity!

Consider these questions:

  • When you are not available (e.g., you might be on vacation or doing something for or with your family), what kinds of questions and requests do you get from your team or customers?
  • How long could you be away from your business without things collapsing behind you?
  • What level of being able to delegate have you achieved? If you haven't been able to delegate EVERYTHING, why not? What is it that only you can do?

Brilliance Mapping™ is the first step in Brilliance Mining.

We ask you four key questions:

  • What is your critical brilliance (critical knowledge, expertise, experience, and wisdom)?
  • Why is it important?
  • Who needs that brilliance?
  • What ROI can you gain from effectively transferring that knowledge to the right people?

With these questions, we make sure that you aim your Brilliance Mining™ efforts on the most important areas to you, and that your ROI makes doing this a no-brainer.

Brilliance Extraction™ is the second step in Brilliance Mining™. 

Now that you know which brilliance you have in your brain - and in the brains of your team members - it is time to capture that brilliance. It is fun because you will discover just how much you know. It has a high payoff because you will do so much more with it.

Brilliance Extraction™ will not tie up too much of your time. The cool thing is we can even capture critical knowledge you have forgotten that you have.

Brilliance Replication™ is the third step in Brilliance Mining™.

Brilliance Replication™ means we are refining and making the extracted brilliance teachable. 

We put your captured brilliance to work via checklists, process maps, videos, courses, training portals, books, manuals, and more. We call that "Brilliance Systems" (knowledge transfer systems).

Our philosophy is to get to this step as quickly as possible because this is where you get a huge payoff.

Yes! They continually evolve and get even better.

Having a knowledge transfer system means that you have a place to put new knowledge as you gain it. For example,

  • You find out that there is something your learners don't fully understand.
  • A new circumstance comes up, and you learn something new.
  • The industry you are in undergoes a change, which means you must adapt.
  • You invent something new, and now you need more training.

A Brilliance Thinking Partner is a person who can help you think your way through the process of mining your brilliance and put it to work profitably.

That is what we do. We teach Brilliance Mining and we are your Brilliance Thinking Partner.

We bring Fresh Eyes, a proven process, lots of time-saving methods, accountability, support, encouragement, and business acumen.

Yes, absolutely.

Effective knowledge transfer also involves creating a culture of learning and growth within your company. We help you with that as we build knowledge transfer systems with you.