Visualize To See What Is Missing To Complete The Picture

Visualize To See What Is Missing To Complete The Picture

Whether you visualize on what you are working like completing a puzzle or presenting an overview of a bunch of information at a glance, there is an art and a science to doing that. Seeing it at a glance on one page, in one graphic, makes it far easier to grasp – and you will also spot what might still be missing.


Greeting. Dr. Stephie here. It occurred to me that one of the things I do as a Brilliance Extractor is about creating a powerful picture of the training system we are building. It is quite valuable to have a picture that shows the whole thing at a glance on one page, in one graphic. 

How is it that I do that?  (By the way, asking yourself how you do something is part of being your own Brilliance Extractor. You observe how you’re doing what you are doing. That is part of what we teach the participants of our Brilliance Mining Cohorts.)

I Had a A-Ha While Playing a Word Game

Recently, I was playing a word game. Then I had an a-ha.

Maybe you’ve heard of apps/games such as Wordle and Quordle where you have to figure out full words. 

  • It is similar to the old “hangman” game you might have played as a kid.
  • You have five spaces per word.
  • Typically, you start with vowels to figure out which vowels are in the word. 
  • You have a certain number of attempts, maybe five or six attempts, to figure out what the word is. 
  • The game will give you feedback. Did you get the right letter? Is it in the right spot, etc.? 

I developed this method to visualize more easily what the word could be:

  • I put the letters that I already know are in the game in the right spot. I enter an “X” into the other spots for which I don’t know yet what the correct letters are.
  • The software does not allow you to place only some letters and not fill the whole row. By putting “X” into the unknown spots, I can put the known letters in the right spots.
  • Then I can see more easily what the word might be.
  • It’s like this auto-completion in my brain – and your brain, too. It helps solve the puzzle.

How Solving Word Games Relates To Drawing Out A Process

The same “auto-completion” process happens when you draw out a process.

  • First, the drawing is incomplete.
  • It may look ugly, but it helps your brain see what is missing.
  • That is a powerful way to complete a graphic that shows your vision or a process at a glance.
  • Overview graphics like that are very helpful when you’re putting together a training system.
  • Such systems help you train other people. They can see how you think about something or how you do something.

With Brilliance systems, you can delegate, you can scale up, you can grow, and you can even transfer your business. All of those are benefits of Brilliance Mining.

I’m Curious

How do you solve visualize what is missing when you solve a problem?

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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