The Journey of Writing Around 300 Words Every Day

The Journey of Writing Around 300 Words Every Day

My friend Robert made me do this journey of writing. Ha! Well, I accepted the challenge. Here is what happened.

He said

Write a little blog every day, or, at least every workday. Write about 300 words. It is like doing Brilliance Extraction on yourself {pulling thoughts out of my own head and documenting them}. Write what’s on your mind. Write whatever you can think of. You will compile a bunch of things that were just in your brain before. It will become material for a book, and who knows what else.”

I reply, “Okay, okay. I’m in.”

Robert said, “Write 4-5 blogs before you tell people about it.”

Again, I said “Yes.”

I started to write.

First, it seemed easy enough. Then my perfectionism kicked in. Imagine that! Me succumbing to perfectionism. (I have to laugh or cry – I’m not sure which).

Each time I wrote the blogs got longer. Plus I went back and added more. I couldn’t help myself. As I thought more about what I had written I’d think of more to say.

A few days into it I had a chat with him and told him about my trouble.

He helped me realize: The challenge is to write less, not more. The challenge is to write every day. Not long articles each day – or long articles sometimes as I had done in the past.

Please Join Me On This Journey

I invite you to read my little short, imperfect articles. Hopefully, they will be worth you spending a couple of minutes while you drink your coffee in the morning or whenever you have a moment to read this.

Maybe my blogs will make you smile or grin or frown – or evoke some kind of reaction. There may be some insight in there for you or an inspiration. Sometimes it may be a story. I’m practicing storytelling.

Publishing content that is short and imperfect takes a bit of courage (for me, at least). I have come to realize there is an incredible value in forming this new habit.

Perhaps you will join me and write a little something each day yourself? If you do let me know; we can support each other.

Please feel free to send me a message. I’d really like that.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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Stephie Althouse

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