The Breakthrough In My Journey: Why I Do What I Do

The Breakthrough In My Journey: Why I Do What I Do

Which success formula did you grow up with? Here’s the breakthrough in my journey and why I do what I do.

My parents taught me that hard work, success in school, good grades, and a good degree are the key to success. There’s much truth to that. I really appreciate having that as a foundation for my success. I studied chemistry and got my Ph.D. degree. I started my studies initially in Germany and then continued in the United States. My goal became to become a professor. But after three years of working as a post-doctoral researcher at a few different places, I decided that was not for me after all. 

There were probably several reasons for that. But one profound reason was that I wanted to create a more immediate impact with the research I love doing. I decided to join a small research and development company. Please don’t hear me wrong. I don’t think that academic research is any less valuable than more applied research and development. We need both, but I found that the more applied research and development was more up my alley.

However, even though I had a great time working for this R&D company for eight years and reinventing myself in various ways, doing research and development was not enough for me. I felt a bit confined, working in the lab and my office. (Although that is not totally fair because I went to Bosnia to test a novel landmine detector!)

Something was missing for me. I felt incomplete. 

Even when I was a little kid, I thought it would be fabulous if I could learn just about everything. I’m so curious about almost all things. When I had to decide which subject to study and get good at, it was difficult for me. I considered becoming a journalist. Would you believe it? But I ended up choosing chemistry, thinking I could more easily go from chemistry to writing than the other way around.

Eventually, in 2005, I struck out on my own and started my company. That entrepreneurial blood that had been boiling inside me came out, and it was on! 

Sure enough, my business has gone through lots and lots of iterations. I’ve grown companies. I’ve turned around companies. I’ve been what we call the “Visiting CEO,” basically being an additional CEO on a part-time basis, helping to get companies back on their feet profit-wise. I also helped a company make the transition to being employee-owned. 

Along the way, I became a certified Executive Coach. From there, I became a “Brilliance Miner.” I invented the concept of Brilliance Mining™ and Brilliance Extraction™. In a nutshell, over the last several years I have made unconscious knowledge experts have in their brains visible to others so they can use it, too.

I love it! The reason I love it is because I’m able to give my business clients and also clients from non-profits profound relief! The brilliance they have trapped in their brains is made visible and actionable for others. That way

  • They can delegate. 
  • They can even take a rest. 
  • They have time to think of new things. 
  • They can scale up. 
  • One day when they don’t want to do this work anymore, or it’s the next chapter in their life (besides, no one lives forever) when it’s time to pass it on, they can do that. So many other businesses or organizations cannot. 

What’s in it for me? For one thing, your joy is my joy. Furthermore, I love working with the people I get to work with. I get to explore and learn what’s in their brains and then help them make even more with it.

I can’t think of anything better for me to do than that. 

That’s my story. And I’m sticking to it.

I’m Curious

What is your story?

Dr. Stephie

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Stephie Althouse

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