Sunday Is Fun Day: What Is Better: Elephants Or Frogs?

Sunday Is Fun Day: What Is Better: Elephants Or Frogs?

My grandmother, once upon a time was given an elephant (not a real one, mind you). What is better: Elephants or Frogs? That is where this story begins.


Dr. Stephie here. Today is Sunday, and Sunday is “fun day.” I thought of a crazy question: What is better, elephants or frogs?
There’s a story behind that. Once upon a time, my grandmother on my mom’s side was given an elephant, or maybe a little group of elephants (not a real one, of course).
She put it on the window sill. Then, some people came by and saw, “Oh, you are collecting elephants.”
They gave her another elephant for her next birthday, Christmas, or whatever occasion. She placed the new elephant alongside the others on the window sill.
More people came by and exclaimed, “Oh, you’re collecting elephants!” Soon, everyone started giving her elephants. Wooden ones, ceramic ones, metal ones—elephants made from every material you can imagine.

Now, let’s talk about frogs. I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow, I ended up with a little tree frog named Roger (not a real frog either – but don’t Roger that). He’s quite fascinating to observe, with his three fingers on each arm and four-digit paws on his back legs.

I like to be silly sometimes and incorporate humor into my work, especially when discussing complex topics that could benefit from a touch of lightheartedness.

I came up with the idea that Roger could occasionally offer “high threes” as a gesture of approval. When things are going exceptionally well, he could even give “high sixes.” If it’s an extraordinary moment, he will give a “high fourteen” —after all, three and three and four and four make fourteen.

But the froggy fun didn’t stop there. Another frog, rarely seen, joined the mix. Allow me to introduce the meditative frog, Pascal. Then there’s Henry, a more contemplative fellow. The trend of accumulating frogs continued, although not to the same extent as my grandmother’s elephant collection.

A couple of dear friends gifted me a remarkable painting. Take a look; isn’t it awesome? It captures the essence of Roger, although the real Roger doesn’t wear glasses. He just told me his eyesight is perfectly fine.

“So, Roger, who do you think is better, frogs or elephants?” I asked him.
“Well, of course, frogs! Is there even a question?” Roger replied.
“But elephants have these big tusks, and you don’t have any.”
“Yeah, that’s true, but I have paws and can hop onto Lily pads. Besides, I can be contemplative and silly and everything in between.” Roger exclaimed.

I can see that. Also, it’s a lot easier to get a frog into my office than an elephant. Even multiple frogs fit into my office way easier than multiple elephants. On this silly note, I think this is enough.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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