Sunday Fun Day: Wake Up Little Susie and Coffee

Sunday Fun Day: Wake Up Little Susie and Coffee

Good morning! Sunday is “fun day.” This nugget is just for fun and we wake up Little Susie!

I’m Curious

How will you enjoy your Sunday today?


Good morning. Sunday is fun day. I’m sitting here with my cup of coffee. I was waking up and thinking about what we might discuss in this Sunday Funday Brilliance Nugget; I thought of the song “Wake Up Little Susie.” And I thought to myself, well, it’s like waking up a little Stephie. Then, I got curious about what this lyric is about. 

The Story Behind “Wake Up Little Susie”

I looked it up, and it’s pretty innocent. It’s about a young couple that went to the drive-in movie drive. The couple fell asleep because the movie was boring. At four o’clock in the morning, the guy wakes up and realizes they have fallen asleep. Now, he wonders what they will tell Susie’s parents and friends. Wow, that’s a song from the fifties, and that’s been sung by all kinds of people, but first, by the Everley Brothers.  

My History with Coffee

Let’s talk about coffee for a second. There are two facts about coffee for me. One is that I lived in Germany until I was almost 23, and I didn’t drink coffee, even though Germany has a reputation for good and strong coffee. I did not even drink coffee. I started drinking coffee when I came to Knoxville, Tennessee because no one there seemed to share my love for drinking hot tea. Everyone was drinking either iced tea or coffee. Eventually, I started to drink coffee. 

Then, recently, one of my Toastmasters friends called me out when I said, “I need more coffee in the morning to wake up.” Honestly, I was using it as an excuse. When I forgot something on a Monday at 7:00 AM, I would say, “I need more coffee.” One day, my friend Jason said, wait a minute, you need to quit saying that. I realized he was right, so I quit saying it.

Enjoy Your Sunday 

But anyway, if you are a coffee drinker, enjoy your coffee this morning. What’s your story about coffee? 

Enjoy your Sunday!

Dr. Stephie

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Stephie Althouse

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