Sometimes It Feels Like It's Not Going Fast Enough?!

Sometimes It Feels Like It’s Not Going Fast Enough?!

This story is not about bragging. It is about pushing hard and feeling of not going fast enough on accomplishing your mission, yet being a kind “boss” to yourself – at least once in a while.

I had been pushing hard. Establishing a new brand for my company was a major effort. What was the right name that would showcase the specialty my company had developed over the past few years?

We had outgrown the name of Top-Notch CEO™. That is true even though I still work with clients on being the Top-Notch CEO of their business and their life. Yes, I had turned around companies and grown many others. Yet, Brilliance Extraction™ makes my company quite different from other companies in the industry. And it is a SYSTEM I can teach to many.

We have a growing number of powerful examples. A couple of days ago I realized: Hundreds of people have been impacted already. I expect it will be thousands soon.

The Brilliance Mine™ emerged as the name that felt right. I had amazing help from Robert Donnell, P5 Marketing, and Susie Carter, Mixed Media Creations, during the rebranding journey. Thank you both!

Starting in January 2021, I also launched the Brilliance Cafe™ and began to interview business owners. I talk with them about their brilliance and how they are leveraging it.

Then I designed an online course. I named it “The Brilliance Mine – How to grow and scale your business, delegate effectively, enjoy freedom, and immortalize your brilliance.” Yeah, that subtitle might be a mouthful. But I thought: “People need to know the benefits they will get.”

For the First Time Ever Have I Made My “Magic” Teachable

The point is: For the first time ever, have I made a lot of what I do with clients teachable. I show how to extract brilliance and create Brilliance Systems™ (knowledge transfer systems) that have a very high return on investment (ROI).

I held a workshop with a few people interested in the topic. It was free – all I wanted was feedback. It was amazing!

Then the work began to put the content into a Learning Management (LMS) system. First, I applied the feedback I had gotten. Then I recorded 26 videos. That is not counting the selected Brilliance Cafe interviews I am including in module 5. There are 25 lesson pages, complete with key points, video, key takeaways, and a skill assessment tool.

The First Version of the Course is Complete

Today I am proud to say: The first version is complete. Yay!

Why “First version”? Because I will make the course even better over time. That is the exact same advice I give to my clients. Make your knowledge transfer system living and breathing. It will get even better over time.

Alongside these efforts, I launched the daily Brilliance Nuggets. You are reading one of them right now. I took on the challenge to write one per day for one year. Scary? Yes, a little. Yet, it is fun! It also is a vehicle to pull “brilliance” out of my brain. Make the invisible visible. Do yourself what you teach to others?! Yes!

The dividends from these efforts have started to come in. And yet, there is so much left to do. It can feel overwhelming sometimes. Here I am saying this, me, the coach who helps others deal with that exact challenge. Keep it smart and simple (KISS). One little step at a time. I know. Trust me, I do.

Sometimes it is Time to Regroup and Relax

Yet, sometimes it is time for a “mental health” day. Take a breath. Do nothing related to your mission. Regroup. Relax.

Stop asking “Why isn’t it going faster?” and instead say “Wow, how far I’ve come!”

I’m Curious

Where have you experienced this kind of feeling?

Stephie Althouse

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