It Is A Brilliant Life - Overcome Your Fear And Delegate!

It Is A Brilliant Life – Overcome Your Fear And Delegate!

Today’s topic is, “it’s a brilliant life – overcome your fear and delegate.”

Delegate to liberate. What do I mean by that? 

It’s When you can delegate things so that they’re as well done as you would, you regain your freedom – without losing success and impact.

That means you have to have the guts to delegate. It is more than guts. You also need to have some method behind those guts. Create a system.

Begin by delegating something small:

  • Create a video of how the work should be done. 
  • See whether the person you give it to can handle it. 
  • If they can’t do it (yet), augment the training to get it right. 
  • Proceed and progress, even if it is little by little. 
  • Transcripts of those video recordings can help. For example, they can be made into checklists

Today I invite you to enjoy your brilliant life and – delegate to liberate yourself. While you do that, you empower others and give them the opportunity and resources to step up.

Dr. Stephie

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Stephie Althouse

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