Energize - And Ask For Help A Little More Often

Energize – And Ask For Help A Little More Often

This morning I’m thinking about how we can energize our lives and businesses. It appears to be related to simplifying and sometimes having the courage to ask for help. Your pile of work may get too high, and it may start to weigh down on you. Maybe you have put just too many things on your plate? They’re all good and valuable, but perhaps they’re just too many. It may be time to prune some or keep your perfectionism at bay. 

Here are three tips that come to mind:

Tip 1: Look at what’s on your plate right now. Which of these items still energize you? 

Tip #2: Which of the items you decided you want or need to remain on your plate could be simplified in how you handle them? Often, the key is to ask yourself, “Am I falling into the perfectionist trap right now?”

Tip #3: Who could you ask for help in executing some of what is needed what you need or want to do? That can be done by delegating to someone you pay or asking someone for a favor. Remember how much you bring to the table all the time. It’s okay to ask for a bit of help! Furthermore, remember that none of us are equally great at everything. 

For example, I may struggle for hours to put together a marketing flier. The result might still be a cramped page with information overload. Someone good at this will love doing it, be faster, and create a better result.

Today I encourage you to energize your life and business by following these three tips. 

I’m Curious

Which of these three tips seems to be the most important for you today?

Dr. Stephie

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Stephie Althouse

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