Look For Past Wins, Get Excited And Finally Celebrate!

Look For Past Wins, Get Excited And Finally Celebrate!

How often do you celebrate your wins? How often don’t you? I see that often we don’t even acknowledge and celebrate our wins. Not even big wins, never mind the smaller ones.

I want to share with you a comment a dear friend made after reading my recent nugget, “Get A Small Win Fast.” She hit the nail on the head!

“Great content. For many years, I had the belief that if “I” (didn’t apply to others) didn’t have massive wins, they were irrelevant and to be expectedI didn’t even celebrate getting my black belt – how sad is that. I have become much less hard on myself and even acknowledged some of my smaller wins. I had no problem acknowledging and celebrating other people’s little wins. What just occurred to me was that my attitude was very hypocritical in a roundabout way. Plus, I was setting myself up for failure every time my wins weren’t as big or as amazing or good as I wanted them to be. The need to be more than perfect sucks – I renounce it!!!”

Jacquelyn Martin, Public Speaker, Associate Chaplain DFW Airport Interfaith Chaplaincy

When I saw in person at a Toastmasters meeting, I suggested getting together soon. She agreed. Then she said, “Yes, and we need to celebrate!” It took me a second to understand what she meant. “Celebrate my Black Belt,” she clarified.

I said “Yes!” enthusiastically. What a great idea! Just because you didn’t permit yourself to celebrate an achievement in the past, years, or months ago, it doesn’t mean we can’t make up for it! I know I have a few things I could have celebrated that I didn’t.

I’m Curious

Which win or achievement could you celebrate? How will you celebrate it? I encourage you to plan it now and set it into motion.

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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