Treasure Tuesday: How To Scale And Enjoy More Freedom

Treasure Tuesday: How To Scale And Enjoy More Freedom

In this Treasure Tuesday, I explore the question, “How can you scale AND enjoy more freedom in you business?” Yes, that is possible! Here is a story of someone doing just that (you can do this, too).

Key Points

  • Brilliance Acceleration is about getting stuff out of your head, making it teachable, and putting it into the heads of other people. You accelerate the use of your brilliance (expertise, experience, wisdom) in this way.
  • A quick story of a client of mine:
  • He had his “secret sauce in his head for many years. He told me that for at least 12 years, he’s been attempting to get that secret sauce into the heads of his team members so that they knew how to use it just as well as he did.
  • But there was always something missing; something was not quite clicking. 
  • It’s not his fault. It has everything to do with the fact that brilliance has two parts:
    • The parts you know, you know, and 
    • The parts you don’t know you know because you do them automatically. It’s unconscious competence.
  • We extracted the secret sauce, sequenced it, and made it easily teachable. We produced videos and other collaterals, such as a one-page tool team members could use.
  • Now that team is working so much better. In short order, the revenues of that team will most likely double. That’s what my client himself predicts. 
  • But it doesn’t stop there because now that that’s working, he is building additional teams in new locations. He is training them with great consistency. That would not have been possible without extracting his secret sauce from his head and making it teachable. Now it can be put in the heads of other people consistently over and over for however many people he needs.
  • The cool thing about that is that while the company is scaling, he’s enjoying more freedom instead of less freedom. Most people, when they’re expanding their businesses, they get hyper-busy. They have to explain the same things over and over again to lots of different people. We are avoiding that time drain. 
  • He’s actually getting to do more of what he loves, like building a house on a ranch property, fishing, hunting, and doing woodworking. 
  • I call that “scaling without having brilliance handcuffs.” Brilliance handcuffs are what you wear when you can’t get away because you have too much brilliance in your head – only in your head – and you can’t put it effectively into other people’s heads. 

One Strategy To Do Both: Scale and Enjoy More Freedom

The big aha is that scaling your business can be done such that you increase your freedom rather than give up all hope for having time for what is important to you outside of your business.

I’m Curious

What could you do if you had an effective vehicle to accelerate your brilliance, increasing its impact, monetary reward, and, as it turns out, freedom? Drop me a line.

Live brilliantly,

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

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