How To Create Systems Your Team Will Love

Treasure Tuesday: How To Create Systems Your Team Will Love

In this Treasure Tuesday, I explore the question, “How To Create Systems Your Team Will Love.”

Jordon Peterson recently proclaimed that employers do not look for creative employees, at least not at the bottom of the “dominance hierarchy,” as he called it. But you have loads of creative team members in your business – and you need them.

How can you create necessary and helpful systems, processes, and procedures your team will support and love? These systems, processes, and procedures form a framework that does not quench creativity but supports it.

The benefits:

  • Protects the quality and maintainability of what your company produces (I give an example from the software development industry)
  • Allow the more experienced team members to offload work that is routine to them (and hence boring) – but others can’t currently do this work,
  • Give more junior team members a chance to learn and advance quickly

I’m Curious

How do you see this applied in your company? Please drop me a line.

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