How To Create More Money And Impact With Your Brilliance (Graduation)

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I create more money and more impact with the brilliance that’s in my brain?

Today is a really proud day for me because all five of my entrepreneurs in my second Brilliance Mining Cohort graduated today. I’m so proud and in awe of what they have created in just 3 months. Here are their results.

Hi, Dr. Stephie, have you ever asked yourself, how can I create more money and more impact with the brilliance that’s in my brain? 

Today is a really proud day because all five of my students from my second Brilliance Mining Cohort have graduated today. I’ve got to tell you that my heart is overflowing with pride and awe about what they have created in just three months. 

  1. One of the graduates is an expert in social media. She’s not going to waste anyone’s time or money because she knows exactly how to do this the right way. Now she’s actually teaching her wisdom in an online course. Fabulous!
  2. Another business owner has created a stunning welcoming and onboarding system for her clients. It’s so beautiful our jaws dropped. It is incredible how she pulled this off in such a short time. The system is an instant boost to her credibility when talking to prospective clients.
  3. Another graduate is a chaplain. She is writing two books, a prayer book, and a cookbook. She’s also cooking up a retreat for women in ministry– no pun intended. Just an incredible. All of these projects had been in her brain for years.
  4. Furthermore, we’ve got a professional who knows everything you could possibly ever think about in providing security. He has realized that small religious organizations that can not necessarily afford a security guard have a real need for security guidelines that really work – without hiring a security guard. That’s an incredible niche and very smart. 
  5. Last but not least, we have an entrepreneur who was initially working on a program to coach other entrepreneurs. Then realized he really had to get into full action with launching his tequila company. There is an incredible story associated with it. I just can’t wait to see this get off the ground, which it’s in the process of happening now.

Our next brilliance mining cohort, which we already launched, has some rather technical people. 

I’m just excited to tell you these stories as they occur. That’s it for today – what a wonderful day!

I’m Curious

Which story inspires you the most and why?

Live Brilliantly,

Dr. Stephie

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Stephie Althouse

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