All Of Our Jaws Dropped - And She Said "I'm So Happy!"

All Our Jaws Dropped – And She Said “I’m So Happy!”

As you might know, five people graduated from the Brilliance Mining Cohort we began in February. As I mentioned, I’m so proud of them. Everyone achieved tangible results. Everyone shared what it had been like for them.

Here’s what Tahnee McHenry had to say. She is the founder of Social Circle Digital Marketing. She created a stunning (!) system for welcoming and onboarding her clients. All of our jaws dropped when she showed it to us. Can you imagine the “wow” factor this system will bring to her clients and prospects – and the referrals this will bring to her?

She did all that within the three months of the Brilliance Mining Cohort. Here is what she had to say (please watch to the end – it’s short and definitely worth it):

I’m Curious

What inspiration do you feel from this story?


I think the best thing about the Brilliance Mining cohort is that there is that structure and accountability that is required {to be successful}, but the community has really been a great part of this. I have felt we can rely on each other to get information and feedback in an honest and productive way. The best thing for me is that I have been able to make a decision on my next steps moving forward for my business that was not there before. Out of all the millions of ideas and thoughts, I was able to pull out what I was going to start on and what was going to be my next step. And now, I have a plan for the next year for my business, and that is incredible. And I’m just so grateful!

Dr. Stephie:
Oh, that’s so fantastic. I have one more question for you. As you know, in this cohort, I insist that there’s not just learning, but that there’s doing, that you apply what you learn to a specific focus area that you pick. What was the reaction today in the cohort when you showed off your project?

To go back to the accountability factor, I am the type of person who does really, really well with a deadline and the accountability of somebody else needing that from me. So, to have this accountability that I put on myself for this group, I said I would create a client onboarding system and workbook for my clients by the last day of the cohort. And I finished it this morning, which is the last day of the cohort, but I still did it. And when I showed the presentation to the group, their reaction was really amazing and supportive. And I’m very excited now that others have seen and approved of it, and I’m very happy!

We’re blown away by it.

Dr. Stephie:
We were blown away by it! And everybody said, “Wow!”

You don’t have the adjectives to describe how our jaws dropped. You’re being you’re being humble about our response.

Dr. Stephie:
Very humble about it. Yes. We were all saying, “wow.” And it’s stunning in its system and its beauty.

Thank you. It really means a lot that you guys said that!

Dr. Stephie:

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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