Do YouTube Subscriptions Shed Light On The Human Mind?

Sunday is Fun Day: Do YouTube Subscriptions Shed Light On The Human Mind?

For Sunday Fun Day, I came up with this weird question: Does the number of YouTube subscriptions say anything about the human mind?


Greetings, Dr. Stephie here. Sunday is Fun Day. Woohoo! 

I came up with this weird question: Does the number of people who subscribe to YouTube channels, say anything about the human mind? In other words: What do people prefer to view on YouTube? Here’s a list from Wikipedia that shows the most subscribed channels. You can see here that we’ve got: 

  • Music
  • Education 
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Entertainment 
  • Gaming 
  •  Film 
  • Sports
  • How To – Five Minutes Crafts is the number 11 ranking video channel. That’s amazing. 
  • Kids’ stories and songs

My First Conclusion:

My first conclusion from looking at this list of top YouTube channels: While we like how-tos, most people like music and entertainment much more in the whole scheme of things. 

I keep looking at the list.

  • Now here we have Portuguese comedy.
  • Then this caught my attention—this Hola Soy German. Well, as a German person, I would almost read this as Hola Soy German, but I would be wrong. 

Who Is Hola Soy German?

I clicked on this, and I found out a little more about this person. Here you go. Here’s his channel. This particular video starts with, “Hi, my name is German, and I bet you this creeper…” He has 43.3 million subscribers.

I have to admit when I first listened to this, I had to slow him down. I had to literally change the speed because I don’t speak Spanish very well, and I had to read the captions. He was speaking way too fast for me even to capture what he was talking about.

What turns out is this guy is talking about friendships, how to make new friends, and how difficult it can be to create friendships in the midst of us constantly being on our smartphones.

It is actually pretty funny. This is a pretty good example of how someone can be quite youthful and spontaneous and do all kinds of crazy things and still get the point across. That’s inspiring. There’s a lesson there, but let’s not stop here. You can check him out.

Who Is Bailey Sarian?

Okay. Another interesting YouTube channel is by Bailey Sarian. She is a relative of a dear friend. It turns out her YouTube channel, “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup,” began as a channel all about doing makeup. But after a little while, doing makeup over and over can get a bit boring, and she loves mysteries. She started talking about various mysteries, and the concept took off. She now has 6.4 million subscribers and sponsors.

What’s amazing about this is that these pieces are not short. This morning I was listening to one of them, about the “shoe-obsessed slayer.” Literally, she’s putting on makeup as she is telling the story. By this point, she’s not actually even explaining what she’s doing with the makeup. She’s just doing it. You see that, which is interesting. I got to about 16 minutes and ran out of time but it is pretty interesting.

My Second Conclusion: Storytelling Is Engaging! (Duh!)

What do these two things have in common? I think it’s storytelling. Another fun fact to remember.

Tiago Forte – A Fascinating Business YouTube Channel

One more YouTube channel I want to share with you today is the one by Tiago Forte. His YouTube channel has about 40k subscribers. Now that is far, far less than the other two (or any of the other ones on the top channel list), but for the topic that we’re talking about – not nursery rhymes, music, or other kinds of entertainment -, forty thousand subscribers are pretty awesome. I’m sure that’s not the end-all for him because he’s working on launching his book.

What Tiago’s Forte is all about – and the reason I’m following him – is that he’s talking about the second brain. When you have an idea that you think you might want to remember later, you write it down. He proposes to put the idea into an app called NOTION  (with tags that allow you to find it later). That’s what I do.

You capture the idea in such a way that you can use it again. There is a hand-in-hand relationship between his work and mine with Brilliance Mining. That is because Brilliance Mining is unearthing the things that you have forgotten you even know and making them visible and actionable. With Tiago’s methods, you basically preserve more of the things that you otherwise might forget.

A Request

I’m going to finish this Sunday Funday nugget with the idea that my channel, over time, will grow at least to Tiago Forte’s level of 40k subscribers. If you would do me a favor, and if you like what I’m doing, please click on my YouTube channel and subscribe! Also, please share it.

The same goes for the Brilliance Nuggets: please go and share the nuggets and let’s get this party going even more. We are now at over 290 nuggets out of the 365 I promised. Then we go from there and see what is next. See you tomorrow.

I’m Curious

Which YouTube channels do you like and why?

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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