What Does The Word "Charging" Really Mean To You?

Sunday Is Fun Day: What Does The Word “Charging” Really Mean To You?

Does the word “charging” have a positive or negative meaning? The English language has the capacity for many meanings. If you suspect you are about to experience some pun-ishment, you might be right. I’m in charge of your laughter (or groaning) only for the mere 129 seconds of this Sunday is Fun Day clip.

I’m Curious

Want to watch the YouTube clip I mentioned? (“The Word “shit”).


Greetings. Have you ever thought about how many different words there are in the English language that have so many different meanings? Recently, I saw a little YouTube clip that just brought me to tears. It was so funny. It talked about all the different definitions or meanings the word “shit” should have. Well, let’s talk the word “charge.” I’m going to be in charge of this today. 


Let’s explore the question. Is the word “charge” or “charging” a positive thing or a negative thing? Well, let’s see if you charge your body. Good. If you charge your phone. Good. If you’re in charge of a project, that is good unless the project goes wrong, then bad. 

You could be charging a project with great energy, which is good. But if you’re charging a bull like I’ve watched people do in Spain, that might be bad. I’ve watched one of the people doing that getting pretty close to being speered by a bull. That was definitely bad.

That whole discussion about whether charge or charging is positive or negative is electrifying. It sets up this potential. It has the potential for you to get sparked with new ideas. 

As I’m discussing the word charge, I realize that my capacity to be a standup comedian still needs a little work, but in any case, I hope you’re charged up today via some rest to tackle tomorrow. I will see you tomorrow. Ciao.

Dr. Stephie

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Stephie Althouse

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