What Does It Take To Fulfill Your Resolutions?

Treasure Tuesday #14: Happy New Year! What Does It Take To Fulfill Your Resolutions?

Happy New Year! This Treasure Tuesday features a special guest (our 14-year-old son Dylan). Together, we ponder the question: What does it take to fulfill your resolutions?

Key points are:

  • A true resolution is something you are RESOLVED to do – it is not wishful thinking.
  • Resolutions must be supported by habits and systems that support their fulfillment (because at least 90% of what humans do daily is done out of habit).
  • We invite you to ask yourself:
    • “What am I truly resolved to do?”
    • “Do I NEED to scale my business this year? If so, why is it a need rather than a mere wish for me?”
    • “Which habit/s and systems do I need to support your resolution or goal?” (more on that in the next Treasure Tuesday)

Dr. Stephie

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