Sunday Is Fun Day: Silly Improvs With Our Son Dylan

Sunday Is Fun Day: Silly Improvs With Our Son Dylan

Our son Dylan (14) and I were goofing around with a few short improvs this morning – just for fun. One of them was a “heated” discussion between Niagara Falls and the waterfalls in Yosemite National Park about which one is better. Enjoy!

This one is visual (but if you want to read it, the transcript is below.)

Have a fabulous Sunday!


Dylan Althouse: Hello. It’s Dylan Althouse here, the son of Stephie Althouse, the owner of The Brilliance Mine. And this Sunday, we will be coming at you with another Brilliance Nugget. And today, we’ll be doing some improv. So today’s subject is what would the waterfalls of Yosemite and Niagara Falls say to each other if they could talk to each other.

Dr. Stephie: Wow. The Niagara Falls would, of course, say, “Ha, we’re so small, so small. I’m so big.” But the waterfalls of Yosemite would say, but I have so many mountains, and people flock to me, and I’m always booked up. It’s so difficult to get a campsite, and that’s all because of me!” The Niagara Falls would say, “Are you kidding? I attract millions of visitors every year. And sometimes there’s even an idiot who tries to take the canoe down my waterfall.” I have no idea whether that actually happens but…

Dylan Althouse: It has. Somebody went down in a barrel once and survived.

Dr. Stephie: In the barrel and survived?

Dylan Althouse: Mhmm.

Dr. Stephie: Wow! … Is that a bottomless barrel? (laughing) It would seem like a bottomless barrel for a long time until “splat.” You hit. Wow. I can’t even imagine that. I wonder whether the barrel had some padding inside, did it?

Dylan Althouse: It did.

Dr. Stephie: Oh, good. That’s that’s good.

Dylan Althouse: It was reinforced, too.

Dr. Stephie: It was reinforced. Yeah. Was it an iron one?

Dylan Althouse: Iron reinforcement…

Dr. Stephie: Well, so what else? I have not been to Niagara Falls about the waterfalls in Yosemite. The other thing that Niagara Falls would say to the Yosemite waterfalls is, “I’m on all year, all year. And you, you go down to a trickle sometimes. Ha!” And the Yosemite one would say, “But while you fall over the edge, can you see some crazy rock climbers climbing? No. But I can!”

Dylan Althouse: Well, this is great and all, but in the end, it all falls.

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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