Scaling Businesses and Conquering Mountains

Scaling Businesses and Conquering Mountains: Three Personal Lessons

In this Treasure Tuesday, I am sharing three personal lessons about two seemingly unrelated challenges: scaling businesses and conquering mountains. It turns out there are at least three common traits.


Greetings! Today, I want to share with you three lessons that I’ve learned from two challenging things: scaling businesses and conquering mountains. I will talk about the shared traits that they have and share with you a few beautiful pictures from my recent trip to Nepal.

Lesson 1: Making Sure the Journey is Worth the Effort

The first lesson is to make sure the journey is worth the effort. Ask yourself, is it truly my vision? Is it in alignment with your values?

Recently, I went trekking in Nepal. No, I didn’t climb Mount Everest, but I was inspired many years ago when I was about 17 by this book, Four Against Everest. It became a dream of mine to go trekking in Nepal. At some point, the dream went to the back of my mind. Then something brought it back to the surface, and I decided to do it.

What does this have to do with your business? When you work on growing your business, make sure that you stay with your original vision. Or if your vision changes, then make sure that you do that consciously, not accidentally.

Lesson 2: One Step at a Time

The second lesson is so important: Take one small step at a time because small steps add up big time.

I’m about to show you a picture that just makes that abundantly clear (see the featured image).

Mountain trekking, like business, has its high and low moments.

  • Take this photo from Poon Hill, for instance. It is beautiful.
  • Then picture this: You’re on a trek and faced with a seemingly endless staircase of rocks. You’ve already been walking for hours, and now there’s a mountain of stairs to climb – believe me, this trek has plenty of them.
  • I found that the trick was to concentrate on one step, the next, and the next. I’d mentally count to 20, then another 20, and by the time you’ve counted five sets of 20, that’s 100 steps. You’re already significantly higher than before. Those small, consistent steps really add up.

It’s the same in business. For example, people often hesitate to start capturing crucial knowledge within their organization, thinking it’s too big a task. The smart move is to start now with one little step.

  • With those initial steps, the rewards might not be immediately visible, just like a mountain shrouded in clouds.
  • But we ensure you see those rewards as quickly as possible in our work.
  • We teach you how to build a minimum viable product, something you can put to use, make money with, and create an impact as soon as possible to keep you moving.
  • Because let’s face it, if we don’t see progress, we humans tend to get discouraged and might stop altogether.

It is hard to fully express the euphoria that washed over me when we finally reached the Annapurna base camp. It was an overwhelming sense of victory, an indescribable feeling. The sunrise over Fishtale Mountain (Machhapuchhre Peak) and many other mountains the next morning was an astounding reward.

When we reach certain milestones in our business, it feels just as rewarding. For example, one of my recent clients grew his business by at least 50% in the first year of working with me. He’s now expanding and franchising – the business equivalent of conquering a mountain.

Lesson 3: Keep Good Company

Lesson three is to keep good company because it’s more fun that way. You also get support and accountability because giving up otherwise is easy.

  • Sometimes you need someone to lighten your load, maybe just a little bit, while you address your throbbing legs.
  • When you go together, you won’t let the other people down. You’re going to keep going. I loved trekking with my friends Deepak And Diwakar.
  • That’s what we do in Brilliance Mining with our clients, whether we do it with them in a bigger capacity as their personal Brilliance Miner or to teach you how to transfer your knowledge and make knowledge that’s in your brain teachable.


I shared three personal lessons that apply to scaling businesses and conquering mountains.

  1. Make sure the journey is worth the effort.
  2. Take one small step at a time. They will add up big time. (Let’s get to an early win ASAP)
  3. Keep good company. Don’t do it alone.

I’m Curious

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Live brilliantly,

Dr. Stephie

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