How To Recognize The Brilliance Hidden Inside Your Brain

How To Recognize The Brilliance Hidden Inside Your Brain

When I speak in front of groups or have a one-on-one conversation, I often ask, “Do you consider yourself brilliant?” It’s probably not surprising that most often people did not recognize the Brilliance in them are humble and they say, “No, I don’t consider myself brilliant,” because they think of people like Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein or any person society has declared as being brilliant.

However, a dear friend of mine, Robert Donnell, recently pointed out that there is another way of asking the question which probably makes it a bit easier for you to get in touch with the brilliance you have, but which is hidden in your brain.

I invite you to view the video. If you normally read the transcript …. it will be here a little later.

I’m Curious

  • Do you think you have brilliance, especially when I reiterate that it means “experience, expertise, and wisdom you have acquired over your life so far”?
  • To what extent do you give yourself credit and admit to yourself that that “brilliance ” is worth capturing and sharing in a systematic, immortal way?

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