How To Create Your Custom Training Portal: A Case Study

How To Create Your Custom Training Portal: A Case Study

Would you like to see a real-life company custom training portal resulting from Brilliance Mining™? I am showing you this to inspire you!

It all started with explaining a sophisticated software product to potential customers to help them understand how it becomes a game changer for them and why they should buy it. The course is technical and aimed at IT people.

From there, we recognized the huge potential a custom training portal could have. The company is now training potential customers, company staff, and external partners using this growing portal.

Now, six courses later, the portal looks like this (see the video). The latest course is all about engineering standards and procedures. Standards and conventions may sound boring, but they are essential for the company to grow and for software to be maintainable for a long time.

Find the next webinar (as I mentioned in the video) here.

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Greetings, Dr. Stephie here; today, I’d like to show you a concrete example of a training portal a client and I have developed. 

Here you see the map we’ve developed for the training of the team of a software development company. There are six courses, and several more are planned or already in development. We realized that different people have different training trajectories. We have laid the training out like a Metro map. Like taking the Metro from station to station, trainees progress from course to course along their respective training routes.

  • We had fun coming up with town names, so everyone starts at station #1 called Coach Town. Here, you get a course that introduces you to the company’s way of operating.
  • Then you have a yellow line, the subject matter expert training trajectory, which ends at “SME Crests.” The yellow line goes through courses #1, 2, and 3.
  • The blue line leads to the Product Owner Park (PO Park). Trainees on that line go through courses #1, 3, and 5.
  • We have a green line for program managers that leads to PM Ville. It involves courses #1 and 5.

Let me walk you through this portal:

  • There’s the course catalog. Currently, six courses are there. More will be added.
  • Each student has their dashboard.
  • The first course we built was “Introduction to LegisPro – Configuration and Customization,” introducing people to one of the company’s main products. It is really for potential purchasers to learn more about the product and what it does. 
  • Later, we used the same material, but at a more in-depth level, to train other people to help configure and customize the product. 
  • The latest course we’ve developed is about “Engineering standards and procedures.” I want to show you what it looks like. When you click on it, it opens up the syllabus. You see the sections (in blue) with their respective lessons underneath (in grey). 
  • I’m a big believer in making the information useful as quickly as possible. When you open one of the lessons, you’ll see the syllabus and where you are on the right in the sidebar. 
  • This lesson page shows
    • The section name 
    • The lesson name
    • Key points
    • Slides that will later become a narrated video. But they are already useful. You can click through them and put the information into action. The return on investment of using this training material is tremendous. Let’s reap the benefit of it as quickly as possible. 
    • Key takeaways. 

In each lesson, we tell people what’s coming. Next, we give them what we promised. Then, we give them a summary so that they remember. That’s a quick snapshot of an actual training portal. 

What does this inspire you to do? 

We have created courses that will teach customers. We have built courses that teach internal people. We have put together courses that help you to scale up. 

For example, what’s important for this particular company is that the code they produce is written uniformly so that many people can maintain, customize, and configure it. These engineering standards and procedures are very important. 

Again, what does it inspire you to do? 

I invite you to the upcoming webinar, where I will discuss why it is important to unearth and document the knowledge that sits in the brains of one person or the brains of a few key people. It’s important to pull that expertise and wisdom out and document it. This portal is just one example of what you can do with the information you unearthed. We will go into more case studies to inspire you on what you could do in your company and why you might conclude that this could be a game changer. I’ll see you there. I will put the link for the webinar underneath this video. Cheers.

Dr. Stephie

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Stephie Althouse

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