How To Create Your Custom Training Portal: A Case Study

How To Create Your Custom Training Portal: A Case Study

Would you like to see a real-life company custom training portal that is the result of Brilliance Mining™? I am showing you this to inspire you!

It all started with explaining a sophisticated software product to potential customers to help them understand how the product becomes a game changer for them – and hence, why they should buy it. The course is technical in nature and aimed at IT people.

From there, we recognized the huge potential a custom training portal could have. The company is now training potential customers, company staff, and external partners using this growing portal.

Now, six courses later, the portal looks like this (see the video). The latest course is all about engineering standards and procedures. Standards and conventions may sound boring, but they are essential for the company to grow and for software to be maintainable for a long time.

Find the next webinar (as I mentioned in the video) here.

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