Exciting Progress: 200 Brilliance Nuggets In The "Bank"

Exciting Progress: 200 Brilliance Nuggets In The “Bank”

Today, I’m celebrating with you! 200 Brilliance Nuggets so far – that feels like a nice milestone. In this video, I talk about what it has been like, what I’ve learned, who I’ve become – and most importantly, what this means for you. YOU can do this, too – and here’s how.

(By the way, you can move the closed captions with your mouse so they don’t overlap with my face LOL – I’m figuring out how to do that better.)


Greetings today is a special day. Why? Because it’s the 200th anniversary of me writing those Brilliance Nuggets. Woo. 200 of them in the bank.

Well, I just want to share with you real quick. Well, well, first of all, I want to thank you. First of all, I want to thank you. Thank you for being on this journey with me. There is no way on earth that I would be doing this if I didn’t have all of the participation that I’ve been getting – the reading, the commenting, the reaching out to me, the giving me ideas, and all of those things. Thank you!

Also, you may be wondering what has it been like and what have I learned along the way?

And perhaps you’re even thinking, man, I could never do this. Well, let me address this last thing first. I could never do this. Yes, you can actually. You see, I have a full life too. I’m about to go to a baseball game. I have a 13-year-old son. We all have a full life, but here’s the thing. The steady stream of even tiny pieces, tiny nuggets, even if you don’t publish them is valuable because it’s a way to pull thoughts out of your brain and document them.

In my Brilliance Mining Cohort (as I’ve written yesterday) I ask the participants to just write down one little bullet. One bullet, not a full article, but one bullet per day. It adds up, especially if you do it in an area that you have decided to focus on.

For me, it’s been an amazing journey when my friend Robert first suggested this, I thought, oh my God, you gotta be kidding me, really. But the biggest thing is you watch your thoughts on an ongoing basis and you go like, oh, you know, this might be worth sharing, oh, this might be worth sharing. Oh, maybe this is a good idea to share that.

When you pair that with the methodology that I’ve developed, which is to capture all these ideas when they occur to me in this app, Notion that I’ve been raving about, then is this actually not as difficult as it may seem to do this.

The other part is, it’s not only about doing this, but it’s also about who you become in the process. You demonstrate to yourself: Wow. When I set my mind to something, then I can actually do this. Especially if I declare publicly that I will do this. You realize that you have that muscle; you develop that muscle to pull through. When you do that, then you go like, Hmm. You know, what else could they be doing that maybe I thought was impossible?

Today, we have 200 Nuggets in the bag. Woo. Woo. If you want to help me celebrate, please do raise your glass, and share the nuggets with others, please. That really helps a lot. And if you want to drop your comments, I so love to see them! Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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