Do Systems Limit Or Unlock Your Freedom?

Do you believe that systems limit or unlock your freedom?


Do you believe that systems limit or unlock your freedom? Great question. 

At first glance, you might say the system tells me what to do. Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4, … I have this track laid out before me that I need to follow. Therefore, it might limit my freedom because I should follow these steps instead of doing something else. That limits my freedom. “What if I think of something better?”

If you think of something better, I suggest you improve the system.

I say that systems can actually unlock your freedom because when you think of a process and lay it out, you can now delegate it

Now you have the freedom to think of new things (or have more free time to do whatever you like)

That is genuinely a fantastic moment when you realize, “Wow, I don’t have to do this task anymore. Somebody else is now empowered to do that. And I can unlock my freedom and take on new things.” – By the way, even if you like – or, at least, don’t mind the task -, is it the highest use of your time?

At the same time, you have given the other person the freedom to do this task and to do it well. They can do it without you having to look over their shoulder because now there’s a system that they can follow. 

A system liberates you and empowers the other person. That is why systems don’t limit your freedom but truly unlock it.

Dr. Stephie

I’m Curious

What do you think? Where can you unlock more of your freedom and empower someone else?

Live Brilliantly,

Dr. Stephie

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Stephie Althouse

3 thoughts on “Do Systems Limit Or Unlock Your Freedom?”

  1. Brett Augustine

    I agree with, “If you think of something better, I suggest you improve the system.” And yes systems help you to do things effectively in my opinion. I have done a lot of training and development in my time, and having a good system is having a good foundation for doing it right. (Especially when there might be safety as a consideration. If you only teach the right way to do something then bad habits do not get much of a chance to manifest.
    That said…Having the proper platform to discuss better options on those procedures is a great and important part of the process.
    Again just my 2 cents. Thanks for the stimulating thoughts.

    1. Stephie Althouse

      Brett, thank you for your stimulating comments! I always love hearing/reading them! I agree with all of what you say. I’m curious: Which platform/s have you used in the past or are you using now to discuss better options on procedures/processes?

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