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Ready, Set, Go: Tap Into Your Brilliance With This Simple 7-Day Challenge

It is time for a challenge. It starts on Monday. It is simple: Write one to two sentences, or even one to two bullets each day for seven days. We could call it a mini-nugget. Or perhaps it is a micro-nugget. Either way is great! There are a lot of “rules” (not really):  You can …

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Brillonias doc

Meet Brillonia’s “Doc”

Recently, I told you about “Planet Brillonia.” Here is how the next bit of that story. What’s happened in the story so far: In the year 2500 A.D. a new human civilization was formed on a planet named “Brillonia.” Advanced spaceships brought humans to this earth-like planet which supports the life of humans, animals, and …

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A Story: How Planet “Brillonia” Got Started

Over the past 125 days, my daily writing has brought me back to my writing days in high school. I was a prolific writer, producing articles about all kinds of topics. I also wrote some short stories. I got to thinking that some of the things I’d like to write about would work better in …

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A Puzzling Sunday Reflection

A dear friend gave me a fantastic gift (thank you, Tina!): a 750-piece puzzle of the Appalachian Trail (A.T.). From previous Brilliance Nuggets, you might know that I love hiking. You might also be aware of my visualization game:  For each Brilliance Nugget I’m writing (one per day for one year), I imagine having hiked …

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The Brilliance Mine community

The Brilliance Mining Community

Did you know? Brilliance Mining™ is becoming a movement. We are forming a community of founders and experts who have critical expertise and wisdom they want to preserve and pass on.  They are asking questions such as  “How do I replace myself?” “How do I free myself up?” The motivation for these questions is not …

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