How Can Innovative Entrepreneurs Stay Captain of Their Ship?

How Can Innovative Entrepreneurs Stay Captain of Their Ship?

You are brilliant! As one of the innovative entrepreneurs, your business has the potential to make a real difference and shake up the status quo. You are working your buttocks off to make it happen. Can you relate? I can. I’ve been there, done that. In fact, I’m still doing it!

Some businesses can make it off the ground with “bootstrapping,” i.e., you can start and grow with money resources you and perhaps your family has. Others can’t do that. They need investors.

Common Challenges Of Innovative Entrepreneurs

In my experience of working with innovative entrepreneurs over the past more than two decades (and being one myself), there are common challenges:

  1. How can I get investors and customers to understand my product/ services more quickly?
  2. How can I make sure I stay in control of my business if I take on investors?
  3. How can I avoid missing the window of opportunity for my business?
  4. How can I hire the right people and avoid wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on bad hires?
  5. How can I compete against large companies and avoid them scooping up my idea?
  6. How do I avoid running out of money and having to go back to a job?
  7. Am I in over my head as a CEO? Should someone else be the CEO? (someone “better a business” but not nearly as tech-savvy as me). However, I hate the idea of giving up control over my business.

Brilliance Mining™ Is A Real Game-Changer: Making Your Brilliance Visisble

When addressing these challenges, Brilliance Mining is a real game-changer. Imagine if someone could read your mind – only when you want them to, of course. She could gather your thoughts and brilliant ideas and sort through them. She could work with you to present them to whoever needs them – customers, investors, your team, people you to whom you outsource. These people would get what they need to move forward. They would finally “get it.”

In other words, imagine it was possible to make your brilliance visible. Much of your brilliance is hidden and “trapped” in your brain. Imagine if it was possible to make your brilliance visible and more impactful!

When your brilliance becomes visible to the right people:

  • Investors understand you, trust you and invest.
  • Customers buy from you.
  • You attract the right people to your team.
  • You know how to onboard the right people and train them much more quickly than ever before.
  • You can delegate more and not worry about things going wrong.
  • You stay captain of your ship.
  • You get successful faster.
  • You create the impact you desire and deserve.
  • You avoid having to get back to a job or getting scooped by a larger company.

I want to encourage you: You can do this!

I love working with innovative entrepreneurs, the ones who want help and have the urge to succeed. I invite you to have a fresh-eyes conversation with me or come to my next webinar (leave a comment here and I will let you know when the next one is happening).

I’m Curious

Which challenge is on the top of your mind?

Dr. Stephie

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Stephie Althouse

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