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Batching Is Beautiful

Doing more of your tasks in batches is important. Your freedom and success depend on it.

Today’s nugget is entitled, “The batching is beautiful.” 

What do I mean by that? 

In my book, I wrote about batching tasks, “101 quick tips for high-talent companies.” It is tip number #79, “Batch your tasks and save heaps of time.” Each of the tips comes with a quote by somebody. In this case, it is by Timothy Ferriss, author of the “Four-hour workweek.” 

Yes, you heard me right. Four-hour, not 40-hour workweek. Timothy Ferriss says, “Your success with batching with laundry, phone calls, or email will depend on two factors, your ability to train others, to respect these boundaries, and much more difficult, your ability to discipline yourself, to follow your own rules.” How true! 

An Example: Creating Daily Brilliance Nuggets

One example is recording and creating my brilliance nuggets. If I do one every day, that can be pretty challenging on some days. That is why sometimes you have gotten a nugget very late in the day. That is not ideal. 

I am working on batching my tasks. In creating the brilliance nuggets, I can also delegate some associated tasks, such as cleaning up the transcripts or making some of the images that I publish with these nuggets. 

I can only do that if I work ahead. 

I can only reliably work ahead if I batch creating them. 

That applies in lots of different areas; for example, do we really need to read our emails one at a time as they come in or three to four times an hour? 

That’s a question worth thinking about because our freedom to do things that are important to us depends on it, e.g., time to

  • Rest and/or have fun
  • Think about what’s next to grow what is important to us and bring that to the next level

All of that is at stake here. Think about it. Batching is beautiful

I’m Curious

Where do you have the opportunity to implement batching and create a beautiful result? In other words, where can you combine things that you usually would do one little sliver at a time into a more concise, compact block of time where you knock out several of those.

Please let me know.

Dr. Stephie

P.S.: I appreciate you commenting and sharing this with others. Thank you!

Stephie Althouse

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